A Voluntary Approach to Forms

I was reading a case study on MarketingSherpa about a company called INTTRA who took a new approach to forms – a voluntary approach. This ties in nicely with the idea of having some content freely available on your website, while other materials may be “locked down” with forms.

In the case of INTTRA, they were dealing with a very traditional industry segment and they weren’t sure their prospects would be very open to filling out a form in order to view a product demo. Instead of requiring registration, they allowed anyone to view the demo, but still provided a form in a sidebar for those who wanted more information.

They ended up with a pretty decent conversion rate. 23% of those who view the demo filled out the form. Those who converted were sent an autoresponder email that included additional resources and then passed on to the sales team, as appropriate.

If I had to guess, I’d bet those leads were pretty qualified since they were actively seeking information. Pardot uses a similar technique on our website – after viewing the free demo (with no registration required), you can click a “Test Drive” button which will take you to a conversion form. If you have content on your site that isn’t behind a form, this could be a good approach to ensure that you are capturing the maximum amount of qualified leads and making the process pain-free for your prospects.

Read about INTTRA at Marketing Sherpa.