A Marketer’s Guide to Summer [Graphic]

Sometimes it feels like the “always-on” lifestyle must have been started by marketers.

The marketing industry is moving so fast these days that marketers need to constantly be tuned in to the latest changes to techniques, technology, and consumer preferences. Mastering new skills and learning new techniques and strategies has become part of the everyday routine for marketers.

However, as summer rolls around again, it’s time to start thinking about getting away from the office for a little while and using some of that vacation time you’ve been saving up.

But if taking your foot off the gas for a while makes you a little uneasy, there’s no reason to worry. Summer vacation is a great time to continue improving your marketing, even while you’re relaxing. We’ve listed five ways you can continue moving your marketing forward this summer, even if it’s from a beach chair or next to the pool.

marketers guide to summer-05

There’s no shortage of business books being published these days. As it becomes easier and easier for the average person to publish their material to the masses, we are gaining access to more ideas, more diverse view points, and more knowledge than ever before.

If you’re headed to the beach, think about taking along a good book to inspire your marketing. Consider Jay Baer’s new book, Youtility, on delivering exceptional value to your audience in this new age of technology, or the recent favorite in our office, Marc Benioff’s Behind the Cloud for a fascinating look at building a great company.

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If you are looking for education that is a little more hands-on than a book, check out Pardot’s resource center. Constantly updated, this collection of white papers, reports, handbooks, and visual pieces is focused on educating and inspiring B2B marketers. You’ll find no sales pitches here, just great resources for your marketing.

Consider downloading one of our recent handbooks to really jump-start a new marketing initiative. With worksheets, checklists, and tip sheets, they have everything you need to add a new piece to your marketing arsenal.

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Even though technology has made many interactions less personal (especially in business), successful marketing is still all about relationships. Take some time this summer to meet new people, build relationships, and expand your network. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish through your newfound friends.

If you don’t want to spend your vacation at network events, you can improve your LinkedIn profile, become a guest blogger, and work on engaging your industry’s key influencers.

marketers guide to summer-02

With so much focus on our own marketing, it can become all too easy to put on blinders to the marketing happening around us. This can be a bad habit with so many remarkable campaigns launching every day. Take a break from your own company and get a fresh perspective. You’ll find a flood of new ideas and tactics you’ll be dying to try yourself.

If your emails have been falling flat lately, grab a copy of our 2013 Email Design Lookbook. It’s packed full of phenomenal examples of B2B email marketing at its best.

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We’ve saved the most important for last. Although it can be hard to fully log off, unplug, and disconnect, doing so should be the MOST important goal of your vacation. Your brain needs time to reset, recharge, and regroup. Giving yourself this time to rest up, free of distractions, can give you a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of enthusiasm, and reignite your passion for what you do. It’s a vacation, relax!