A Guide to Developing Content

One of the biggest challenges – whether you’re just getting started with marketing automation or digging in to a new campaign – is coming up with new and compelling content. Social Media Explorer had a helpful post with 30 questions to help you create a content strategy.

The questions are broken up in to three categories: Organizational Questions, Audience Questions and Content Questions. This technique can be used to guide content for many different channels, from Twitter to your company blog. Below are some examples from each category.

Organizational Questions

  • What do you want social media to do for your organization?
  • How many departments or divisions will be contributing content?

Audience Questions

  • How comfortable with technology, the web and social media is your audience?
  • What is your audience interested in besides your product?
  • What do you ask your audiences to do? Do they do it?

Content Questions

  • What general area of knowledge to we have that we can share?
  • What kind of expertise or even products can we give away?
  • What can we have fun with that isn’t a disconnect from our brand or industry?

Try using these questions, combined with carefully considering the different phases of your prospect’s journey through the buying cycle, to develop a more well-rounded content mix.

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