A Framework for Successful Lead Nurturing Campaigns #checklist

According to Gleanster Research, 50% of your inbound leads are qualified, but not yet ready to buy.

That’s like having half of your database playing hard to get. The worst thing you can do is ignore these leads and allow them to find another vendor or competitor. This means that over half of your database needs to be nurtured to a sales-ready state with personalized, consistent communication before they can become a legitimate opportunity for your sales team.

If you have any notion of your database size, that sentence alone should make you feel exhausted. Fortunately, automated lead nurturing can put that process on autopilot and notify you when leads are in a sales-ready state. However, according to MarketingSherpa, only 45% of B2B marketers have established a lead nurturing process.

With such sophisticated functionality, it can be hard to know where to start with your nurturing campaigns. That’s why we’ve put together the checklist below to walk you through a simple framework for developing successful nurturing campaigns.

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Nurturing Checklist