A Few Tips on Avoiding Spam Filters

Marketers continuously commit SPAM filter crimes that render their flashy, in-your-face attempts useless, as their emails never reach their intended recipient. Unfortunately, as with many technologies, spammers have ruined emails to a degree for the rest of us. The following is a list of practices that SPAM filters look for, and that you should avoid:

  1. Mentions of money give off the impression of a “get rich quick” scheme. This includes phrases like “money back guarantee” and questions like “why pay more?”
  2. Too good to be true phrases like “once in a lifetime” and “innovative breakthrough.”
  3. Extreme hype in the form of ALL CAPS or multiple exclamation marks!!!
  4. Claims of urgency are another spammer favorite. Unfortunately many marketing emails often fall into this trap with subject lines like “Last chance to register!” (breaking rules 3 and 4)
  5. Poor formatting tends to be a sign that the email is coming from an illegitimate source, and includes sloppy HTML as well as emails that consist of one giant image.