88 Acronyms for Online Marketers

We’ve all been there.

You’re sitting in a meeting and someone throws out a 3-letter acronym, and you spend the next five minutes nodding along while secretly racking your brain and searching for context clues as to what was just abbreviated.

Whether it’s social media jargon, developer speak, or SEO-related (see? we couldn’t even keep acronyms out of our explanation), the digital marketing industry is littered with enough 3, 4, and even 7-letter acronyms to make your head spin. So if you find yourself regularly jotting down letters in the margins of your meeting notes to look up later, we’ve attempted to make your life a little easier. Bookmark the chart below as a quick reference, or download the print-friendly version for a more in-depth explanation of each acronym.

What are some other marketing acronyms you come across regularly? Let us know in our comments section!