8 Ways to Keep Tweets Under 140 Characters [#SlideShare]

For some marketers, the biggest challenge of social media isn’t which channel to use, or what to say — it’s how to say it. You know where your audience is on social and what types of content they might be interested in, but when it comes to getting your marketing message down to a Tweetable 140 characters, you’re stuck (and that’s even before factoring in RTs and hashtags!).

Here’s the good news: Twitter isn’t out to get you. In fact, according to recent research, Tweets between 120 and 130 characters have the highest click-through rates — so Twitter may actually be doing marketers a favor. If you find yourself consistently writing Tweets on the verge of that 140 character limit, try a few of these best practices we’ve collected in the SlideShare presentation below. Then, feel free to print out our “8 Ways to Cram Tweets into 140 Characters” checklist (below) for a more constant reminder of some of our favorite tips.

Short Tweets Best Practices-01

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