7 Tips for that Perfect Call to Action [TIP SHEET]

The call to action.

Such a simple phrase, and yet it can make or break your landing page. If your call to action doesn’t properly convey your value proposition, or starts with a generic “Download” or “Submit,” you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

We recently published a few posts focused on secrets that will ensure call to action success, as well as tips and tricks for effective blog CTAs. But to make things even easier, we’ve compiled all of the information that we discussed into the comprehensive tip sheet included in this post. While you’re reading through it, keep the following rule in mind: your call to action should be telling people what they’re going to get, not what they’re going to do. This means you should always favor calls to action like “Get free white paper” over a call to action that simply says, “Download now.”

Take a look at the tip sheet below to start brainstorming ideas for that perfect call to action, and download the full Landing Page Handbook for a complete look at the landing page creation process, including helpful checklists and worksheets.

landing pages CTA tip sheet

 Landing Page Handbook Banner

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