7 Kinds of Interactive Content that Generate Leads

With the new year comes new goals — and as a marketer that means new lead targets. What are your plans for driving more, better leads in 2015?

Check out how these seven types of interactive content can help you meet your New Year’s lead resolutions:

1. Quizzes: Moving beyond the magazine.

No longer just the domain of women’s magazines and Buzzfeed puff pieces, quizzes are now serious business for the B2B marketer.   Particularly at the top of the funnel, marketers are using quizzes as a way to draw prospects in and start a dialog.

Quizzes offer a number of benefits as lead generators.

  • Because they are typically engaging and quick, requiring less of a commitment from the prospect than reading a white paper, for example, they are generally more effective at the top of the funnel than a white paper download.
  • Quizzes have high start and completion rates. For example, a simple trivia quiz has an average click rate of 41% and average completion rate of 43%. That latter stat is important: even if your prospects download your white paper, how do you know if they have read it?
  • In addition, quizzes offer two-way information flow: you as a marketer can share information and by asking a series of questions, you are able to gain information about your prospect that can be captured for future outreach and nurturing.
  • Quizzes are also, as we all know from our Facebook feeds, highly shareable. On average, there is a 15% share rate for interactive content like quizzes — how does that compare with your current share rates?
  • Finally, a well done quiz builds trust: with some thoughtful questions and ‘results,’ you can demonstrate that your company understands the issue, challenge, or person they are targeting, making it more likely that future communication from your company will be considered. For example, global talent management consulting firm DDI built a Common Leadership Styles quiz and has found that prospects who engage with this interactive content are 6x more likely to open follow-up emails from DDI.

Here are a few examples of quizzes we love from Random House, Bizo and Prophix, among others.

2. Assessments: What type of lead gen marketer are you anyway?

With an average click rate of 54% and average completion rate of 76%, a specific type of quiz — the assessment — is worth a special shout-out. Assessments are an opportunity for the prospect to evaluate their skills, knowledge, readiness, etc. in a particular area. This type of quiz is extremely effective as a lead generator.  As people, we love to gain these insights —just look at how many of us completed Buzzfeed’s “What City Should I Live In?” As marketers, we are able to use these insights to better target and market to our prospects. Assessments also provide a great opportunity to showcase our own product knowledge or solution in a more engaging and compelling format.

Unitrends, an IT and protection and disaster recovery company, has an assessment that asks: “Which Kind of Backup and Disaster Recovery Superhero Are You?”

3. Surveys: All surveys are not created equal.

We all love to share our ideas. As marketers, let’s embrace that human instinct and use it to drive leads. Rather than just stating the benefits of your product or service, why not ask your prospects to rank their top three problems, or share their idea for a new feature?

Fifty questions in ten point font is not going to drive the leads home, but a quick three to four questions, with a great layout, might be just the opportunity your prospects have been looking for to share some of their ideas, challenges, and preferences. And, as a marketer, you can use the survey responses to fine tune your own marketing and continue the conversation.

MarketingProfs ran a popular “Day in the Life of a Marketer Survey” that achieved a 42% click through rate. Another great example comes from Xyleme, who created a survey about measuring learning that has been effective in driving leads (84% lead submission rate for those that start the survey).

4. Calculators: the next “hot” new lead gen tool?

Regardless of what industry you are in or what department you serve, chances are that before you are authorized to make an investment, you are asked to demonstrate the expected ROI of that investment. How do you go about this today? Do you find it easy to pull together the data to prove your case? As marketers, providing prospects with an easy way to calculate the ROI they would receive by purchasing your product is high-value, high-impact.

For example, some possible calculators include:

  • Calculate the ROI on your tradeshow investment
  • Calculate the cost of computer downtime,
  • Calculate the cost of employee and/or customer churn
  • Calculate the cost of poor ad performance

Here are a few examples ROI calculators that help prospects understand the value of specific products:

  • SilkRoad, a talent management company, offers an Onboarding ROI Calculator. In the first two months, SilkRoad achieved more than 250 new leads
  • Harte Hanks, a marketing services organization, provides a “Market Intelligence” calculator. This single calculator boasted a 51% click-through rate.

If you love the idea of the ROI calculator, but creating one terrifies you, you should know that with the help of software vendors, 2015 is a whole new world where the average marketer can actually conceive of and create a calculator without signing up for 6 months and $40K of coding!

5. Contests: You can win the lead gen game!

Like the quiz, contests are no longer just for consumer brands. Contests come in all formats, but our favorites are based on user-generated content: upload a video, a selfie, a tagline….You provide the concept — your prospects provide the material. A contest can come with an amazing prize or it might just be “bragging rights.” The key, from a lead generation standpoint, is to make sure the contest is pulling in the right prospects for you. The subject, questions, and prize should all appeal to just the sort of people you are looking to have a sales conversation with.

Do you think your product is too complex or your market too serious for a contest? Atmel, manufacturer of microcontrollers, ran a video contest targeted towards engineers, marketers, and hobbyists. With almost 500 entries, 218,000 votes, and 165,337 visitors referred through social channels, I’d call it a success!

6. & 7. Interactive infographics and white papers

The interactive infographic and interactive white paper take two of B2B marketing’s most important types of content and make them better by layering in the same “information exchange” available in quizzes, calculators, and surveys. Rather than just words and pictures on a page, there are benchmarking opportunities, questions and results, and an opportunity to tailor the experience by how the reader responds to these questions. The result is a truly personalized, effective piece of content that takes advantage of the power of digital and provides both marketers and consumers with targeted information. Endicia, which offers online postage and shipping solutions, put together an engaging infographic on package returns.

  *   *   *

Ultimately your job as a content marketer is to first get your audience’s attention, and then to keep it. With average click rates of 50% and lead conversion rates of 40%, interactive content might be just what you need to boost your lead gen in 2015.

Needs some themes to get started with? Here is a trivia quiz we are having fun with these days. It provides some ideas for campaigns based on holidays — including many that I had never heard of. Or, if you are wondering which type of content might make the most sense for you, check out our “Content Picker” below.

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