60 B2B Marketing Tips You Can Try Right Now [New E-book]

January is a time for new beginnings, especially when it comes to your professional life. That’s why our focus this month is on helping B2B marketers gear up for the new year.

To start, we’ve been hosting a series of webinar “bootcamps” on content marketing, reporting, email marketing, and SEO/SEM. (If you missed the first two webinars in our series, it’s not too late to attend our Amp up Your Email webinar or our Thursday session, Step up Your SEO & SEM.)

But let’s say you want to get your B2B marketing advice from more sources than just us. We can’t blame you! To help provide the best — and most varied — B2B takeaways possible, we’ve gathered tips from more than 50 subject matter experts and industry thought leaders and compiled them in a single e-book.

Our 60 B2B Marketing Tips You Can Try Right Now e-book provides actionable advice on how to:

  • leverage your network to create truly influential content
  • build personalized emails that move prospects through the sales cycle
  • optimize organic and paid promotion channels for the biggest results
  • use data to make more informed, impactful decisions, and more.

Get all 60 tips by downloading the full e-book. Just click on the banner below!