6 Ways Pardot Can Generate Content Ideas

Creating content on a consistent basis is tricky. Writers block can be a real problem. Trust me, I’ve been there. Coming up with compelling and fresh ideas can be just as tough and only gets harder over time. This endless search for ideas can frustrate marketers already under pressure to increase the relevance and volume of their marketing content.

But you may have an untapped resource right under your nose.

If you are using Pardot or another marketing automation product, you are sitting on a goldmine of potential content ideas. Here are six places to look in Pardot if you are struggling to come up with fresh content:

Natural Search Keywords
Spend a few minutes analyzing the natural search results in your Pardot account. This will show you where you are appearing in search results for potential customers. This will also give you an idea of what your target audience is searching for. You may find a keyword or phrase that is searched in conjunction with your industry that you haven’t created any content for.

Site Search
When visitors use the search box on your website, they’re telling you what topics interest them most on your site. What are the top site search terms being used? Do you have pages or content that match those terms? If you do not have adequate content to address your most-searched topics, this is definitely an area to focus on during content production.

Content Views
Monitoring the views and downloads of your larger content items like white papers and industry reports is another great source of ideas for smaller content items like blog posts. If your latest white paper was a hit, find ways to break it up into a blog post series.

Email Opens and CTR
The performance of your email campaigns can be another key indicator of content that resonates with your audience. High open rates will show you which subject lines catch readers’ attention. High click-through rates indicate a genuine interest in the topic at hand and a desire for more information. Focus more future content on subjects with higher click-through rates.

Social Messages
Tracking social media is a great way to understand how your community interacts with your content. Analyzing the content that receives the most likes, clicks or shares can help you design your future content to receive maximum exposure from your social audience.

Competitive Analysis
Pardot also provides SEO and inbound link analysis for your competitors. Understanding where the competition is getting their traffic will allow you to tailor similar content and steal a portion of that traffic for yourself. Focus on the blog topics and other content generating the most interest for your competitors site. Do you have similar content available to your audience?

Pardot is designed to help marketers with a diverse set of tasks and responsibilities. Generating relevant and valuable content ideas is just another use for Pardot’s many features.

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