6 Sessions Your Sales Teams Won’t Want to Miss at Dreamforce

Dreamforce ‘16 is full speed ahead, and as fast as the last weeks have gone, the weeks leading up to Salesforce’s biggest conference will go even faster. We know you’re sales teams are pumped – and so are we, because this year’s we’ve got an amazing program to give your sales teams a competitive edge. The Sales Summit is a series of sessions that hosted by more than 40 experts in the field who will share their incredible insights over four main tracks: Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership, Sales Development and Sales Operations. Rock your pipeline in Q4 and beyond with these six sessions:

Empower Your Sales Team with B2B Marketing Automation for Sales

Marketing automation isn’t just for marketers. Learn how Salesforce Engage, a marketing automation solution built just for sales can help your sales team access marketing approved email templates and campaigns, and not only keep up with prospects but also build stronger customer relationships that will give them a competitive advantage when closing deals.

How Empathy Will Improve Your Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Empathy is rapidly becoming the skill that B2B marketers most need to incorporate into their marketing strategies. From creating content to deciding the cadence of a campaign, it’s no longer enough to just ‘sell’ to prospects. The modern marketer understands who their prospects are and not only what they want to buy, but why they want to buy it and how it solves their pain points. Join Brian Carroll of B2B Lead Blog and RevRock Marketing to learn how empathy can help you fill your pipeline.

The Pardot Roadmap: What’s Next for the Age of Intelligent B2B Engagement?

Not that we’re tooting our own horn but… toot toot! Get an in-depth look at what’s in store for Pardot in the coming months and find out what upcoming releases are all set to help you take your business to the next level. From new technology to innovative concepts, join our leadership team as they walk you through the coming year.

Convert Doubters into Believers – Aligning Marketing and Sales in Healthcare

Bringing your sales and marketing teams together means a better customer experience and a much more efficient sales process. Learn how the healthcare industry is using Pardot and Salesforce engage together to unite the opposing sides under common goals and strategies.

Introducing: Wave for B2B Marketing

You need more than just data. You need actionable insights. Marketing analytics should provide marketers with a way to diagnose deficiencies in specific channels and to make quick adjustments to strategies to improve overall impact to sales revenue. Join us as we introduce, Wave for B2B Marketing, our advanced marketing analytics for data-driven marketers. We’ll show you how Wave for B2B Marketing provides powerful out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards to instantly view and report on key metrics and take data-driven actions to supercharge your marketing and sales efforts.

No Lead Left Behind: Find and Qualify A-list Prospects

Learning to locate the best prospects will give you more time to spend building relationships, but it’s not always easy to determine which prospects need to take priority. Pardot takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads through it’s lead scoring and grading feature. By assigning leads a score and a grade, marketers can ensure that their sales teams get the warmest leads to follow up with first, and any cooler prospects are nurtured until they’re in a sales ready state.

For more great sessions for your sales team, your marketing team, and everyone else, check out what else Pardot is doing at Dreamforce.