6 Marketing Quote Posters for the New Year

There’s nothing quite like an inspirational quote to start your year off right, especially if that quote comes in the form of a printable poster that you can hang in your office, where you’ll see it every day. The six quote posters below, originally posted on the ExactTarget blog, offer some great advice for marketers as we move into the New Year.

Unfortunately, most New Years resolutions are abandoned before the year is up (as the ExactTarget article points out, only 8% of those who make New Years resolutions will see them through to the end). Having a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish, even if it’s just a poster encouraging you to “dream big,” can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving those high-reaching goals.

So take a look at the posters below, pick your favorite (open the link in a new window to view and download the high-res version), and use it as inspiration throughout the year to come! While you’re at it, feel free to peruse some of the other inspirational quote posters that we’ve made:

New Years Posters-07New Years Posters-08New Years Posters-09New Years Posters-10New Years Posters-11New Years Posters-12

Want high-res versions of all of the posters? You can download a ZIP file by clicking on the link below.