6 Innovative Uses for Pinterest

Even though we’ve already written about several different ways you can perk up your Pinterest, the social site has grown so big that it deserves another post with a few more fresh, innovative ideas for your B2B company. Although there’s often a perception that only B2C companies will see any returns on Pinterest, B2B companies have been having success on the site as well. With more than 10 million unique visitors per month, it’s hard to ignore the social giant when it comes to your marketing strategy.

If you’ve already created a Pinterest for your company and started filling it with stimulating visual content related to your brand, then you’re on the right track. But, what happens next? In the world of B2B, it can be hard to portray your product or service on an almost entirely visual medium.

A recent article by Fast Company discussed some of the creative ways that entrepreneurs have been finding success on Pinterest, even though many of them started out as Pinterest skeptics. This got our creative juices flowing, and we came up with a few more innovative ways that you can use Pinterest for your B2B company:

Pin Videos

While the draw of pinning pictures and infographics to boards on Pinterest has been widely acknowledged, not as many businesses have realized the potential of Pinterest for video. With the continuing rise in the popularity of video content, it’s to your benefit to leave no stone unturned when it comes to distributing your videos. If you have any footage of speaking engagements, company events, or videos you’ve made for recruitment purposes, create a board for them!

Run Contests

Many marketers have experimented with contests on Pinterest. To encourage engagement with your brand, challenge clients and customers to build their own boards based on a set of rules, then have them send you the link. You can either pick the best one yourself and award a prize, or repin them to a board of your own to have others vote (this will encourage even more engagement!).

Encourage User-Generated Boards

Similar to running a contest, encourage clients and customers to create their own user-generated boards related to your brand. Have them pin photos of themselves wearing your swag, or pictures that remind them of your company. This is an easy way to spread brand awareness without a huge effort on your part.

Gather Suggestions

If you’re hosting an upcoming event, use Pinterest to gather feedback from attendees. Have them pin pictures of things they’d like to see at the event. Similarly, you can create a “Suggestions” board where clients and customers can post photos of things they’d like to see you incorporate into your product, service, or company culture.

Showcase Your Community Service

If your company participates in community service, or is involved with any charities or organizations, create a board devoted to pictures of your employees participating in any of these events. People love to see the human behind your brand, and this is a great way to show them.

Use the New “Secret Boards”

Last week, Pinterest rolled out a new feature: Secret Boards. To start out, everyone gets 3 of these secret boards to use as they please. Since these boards are private, use them to test out new designs if you’re going through a rebranding. Pinterest boards are a great way to see how color schemes, graphics, and new logos will come together. You can even invite customers or clients to your secret board if you’re looking for input on something but aren’t quite ready to roll it out to the public.

Try one or more of these to take your Pinterest game to the next level. Have you ever tried anything innovative with your Pinterest? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!