6 Fun Uses for Facebook Embedded Posts

This past week, Facebook announced that it would be rolling out a brand new, long-anticipated feature: embedded posts. Just like with Twitter, you’ll soon be able to embed Facebook posts on your website or blog for easy sharing. Unfortunately, only a select few publications like CNN and Mashable currently have access to this new feature — but according to Facebook, the rest of us shouldn’t be far behind.

So why all the fuss? Facebook embedded posts represent one more way for companies to market across channels. And with the rising popularity of visuals, working an embedded post into your page content can help to increase engagement and decrease visitor bounce rates. Just keep in mind: the post must be public in order for it to be embeddable.

Wondering how you can use embedded posts on your own website? Here are a few fun ideas specific to B2B to get you started (and you can view instructions for embedding on the Facebook Developer blog):

1. Host a contest. Post your contest information on your Facebook page, then embed the responses and entries on your blog (for example, a contest asking for email template submissions or examples of client work). You can use the embedded post feature to display your favorite entries, announce the contest winner, and encourage further engagement from your website visitors.

2. Share insight from thought leaders. Did an industry thought leader share an interesting quote, statistic, or image on Facebook? Embed the post on your blog and use it as supporting evidence for one of your articles. Not only does this add an interesting visual to your post, it also lends you some additional credibility.

3. Promote an event. Event promotions are already common on Facebook, but now you can also embed any posts promoting events or webinars on your website to help generate hype. This is a great opportunity for your website visitors to learn more about an event, join the discussion if it piques their interest, and even share it among their friends or networks.

4. Showcase customer testimonials and positive tweets. If your clients or customers have something to say, it’s not unusual for them to reach out to you via Facebook. If that feedback is positive, show it off! Embed the post on your website for prospective clients and customers to see. Social proof is powerful — so make sure that positive testimonials aren’t immediately getting sucked into the depths of your news feed.

5. Recap events or webinars. Many people take to their social platforms to share highlights during events. Be sure to encourage these conversations on Facebook so that you can aggregate them later in an “event recap” blog post. The event or webinar may be over, but that doesn’t mean the conversation has to end!

6. Display images and swag sightings. See any pictures or images that you like on Facebook, perhaps of clients sporting your company swag? Use embedded posts to incorporate them into a blog post drawing attention to your “favorite posts of the week.” Your Facebook followers will be excited to see if they made the list!

These are just a few ideas for incorporating Facebook embedded posts into your marketing strategy. What other ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments! And, if you have more questions about using social media for marketing, check out our white paper on the topic, “6 Simple Ways to Get More out of Social!