5 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Presence

According to AdAge, only 1% of Facebook ‘fans’ actually engage with brands online. Facebook has more than 800 million users, and somewhere within its massive reach are your brand evangelists, waiting to be found.

Here are a few easy ways to maximize your Facebook presence and engage your followers:

1. Post frequently. Posting 5 or more times a week versus once a week dramatically increases your engagement with your fans. Your followers are following you for a reason – they are interested in what you have to say. So keep them updated, and remember to respond when they ask a question or offer feedback.

2. Remember to engage. Writing posts that engage your followers is key. In fact, Facebook actually uses EdgeRank (the number of your followers divided by the number of comments on a post) to help determine how likely they are to show your next fan page post to all or most of your followers. If your engagement rank falls too much, you run the risk that your next fan post will only be shown to a fraction of your followers.

3. Use your call to action. It’s important to remember that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. You should treat your Facebook page as a marketing communication tool, and remember your CTAs. See how Intel prompts people to “like” their page and take action by asking them to “Like our Intel page to stay connected”?

4. Keep it light. Facebook is, in its simplest form, a communication platform. People use it to post about everything from the silly, mundane things that go on during the day to the most serious issues plaguing our world today. The Facebook pages that resonate most with fans are the ones that are fun. Cisco keeps it light by using their page as a way to further their brand and position themselves positively with consumers by celebrating their “Super Fans” – what better way to reward your followers than to give them a personal shout out?

5. Sell. Of course you can use Facebook to sell your products or services. The key is balance – don’t oversell your products and services. You can certainly sprinkle in product offers and promotions with your posts, but make sure they are infrequent. A good rule of thumb is to post sales content once out of every five times you post. The 80/20 rule means that you should post content that provides value to your followers at least 80% of the time. In other words, keep the sales pitches to a minimum and maximize the value you provide.