5 Ways to Generate More Pipeline with Conversational Marketing

What if you could have high-fidelity sales conversations with your most qualified prospects and convert leads right from your corporate website? Today we’ll talk about how you can do just that using the power of Conversational Marketing.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing empowers your sales team to have real-time conversations (using live chat, phone calls, and screen sharing) with your most qualified prospects, right on your corporate website, helping you generate more leads and more pipeline for sales. Conversational Marketing layers nicely on top of your existing ABM and Marketing Automation efforts, helping you get your hot prospects across the finish line and into a sales cycle. 

Conversational Marketing unlocks a new channel for creating pipeline

As B2B marketers we’re always looking for one thing: more pipeline. 

Conversational Marketing has emerged as a new software category and it is quickly becoming a core component of modern B2B marketing strategies. Why? Because Conversational Marketing is laser focused on helping you build more pipeline, and helping you build it quickly. 


Here are 5 ways you can build more pipeline with Conversational Marketing: 

1. Meet instantly with your most qualified website visitors

As a marketing team, identify which website visitors are the most valuable and likely to convert into pipeline. Perhaps it’s the visitors who come from a high-spend marketing campaign or explore a high-converting web page, like your pricing page.

At Qualified, we call these your “golden campaigns” and “golden pages” because they’re the most likely to generate pipeline. Prioritizing visitors who engage with these golden campaigns and pages helps your sales team cut through the noise and focus on the audience that is most likely to convert.

2. Greet your target accounts by name the moment they land on your website

Weave Conversational Marketing into your larger ABM strategy using Conversational ABM, an approach that lets your sales team have real-time sales conversations with their target accounts. When someone from a target account lands on your website, immediately route them to the appropriate account owner for a high-fidelity sales meeting.

Conversational ABM lets your sales team roll out the red carpet and connect with their VIP accounts the moment your product is top of mind. 

3. Use Pardot data to signal when website visitors are sales-ready

Funnel your Pardot data into your Conversational Marketing application to have a truly 360-degree view of your website visitors and use that data to fuel your qualification engine. For instance, when a website visitor meets a certain Pardot prospect score or grade, immediately open the door for a real-time sales conversation. 

4. Immediately engage with qualified prospects after they submit a form

Historically when website visitors fill out a form, they are presented with a message that says “Thanks, we’ll get back to you soon.” SDRs then spend weeks chasing down leads, a process that is long and painful.

With Conversational Marketing, you can cherry-pick the most important leads and talk to them immediately, before they leave your site. Use information the prospect submitted in the form, like job title or company size, to determine if they are qualified. Then fast track those leads directly to a rep for a live sales conversation.

5. Use ChatBots and MeetingBots to engage and convert website visitors around the clock

Sales conversations are the most successful when they’re led by real sales reps, but it’s not scalable to have human-led conversations with every website visitor. Leverage bots to help you scale your Conversational Marketing program and convert pipeline at scale. For instance, use bots to ask qualifying questions or book meetings with your sales reps while they’re offline. 

We sat down with Salesforce MVP and Pardot pro Andrea Tarrell to get her take on why B2B marketers should be excited about conversational marketing and how it helps move the needle on pipeline. Here’s a video snippet from our discussion.


Qualified’s Conversational Marketing Solution is Purpose-Built for Pardot

Qualified is a Conversational Marketing application that is built specifically for companies that run their B2B marketing automation on Salesforce Pardot. To learn more about Qualified and how it works with Salesforce Pardot, watch this short demo video or visit Qualified’s website and talk with an expert about how your company can get started with this new way of selling.

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