5 Tips for Using Emojis in Email Subject Lines

Emojis have come a long way from the simple smiley face. Developers have given us the power to express ourselves via emoji in almost every situation, from the classic heart eyes ?, to the sweat smile ?, the zipper mouth ?, to the mind blown ?. They’ve expanded into the wild worlds of animals, food, travel, and culture and as of June 5th, we even have red head emojis! There’s no denying that these keyboard characters are an integral part of the way many people communicate.

User sending text message with text "I am on my way smiley face emoji"

Emojis can also help emails stand out in a crowded inbox. It’s no surprise, then, that emojis in subject lines are becoming more common (did we mention that Pardot?s Summer ?18 Release included emojis for email subject lines and social postings?!). But, for all of their flair, how do you know just when and where to use them?

Here are 5 tips for using emojis in email subject lines.

Establish guidelines.

We know you’re excited about diving right in with emojis — so are we! But before you do, make sure you have clear guidelines for you and your team that outline when and how to use emojis in email subject lines. A few rules, such as avoiding emoji usage when sending customer support emails or providing a list of pre-approved emojis, will go a long way in keeping your email game in tip-top shape.