5 Simple Ways a Blog Can Generate Leads

Blogging is an underrated resource for B2B marketers

The life of a B2B marketer can be stressful. You are pressured from all sides to generate new leads on an ever shrinking budget. Even if you’re successful, odds are that most of the credit for that sale will still go to the sales team. It’s tough.

Luckily, the number of tools you have in your arsenal is always growing. We’ve certainly covered a few on our blog, from landing pages to drip marketing programs. However, one of the most successful tools for generating leads may be nothing new: your blog. While new tools come and go, the humble blog has remained a great source of potential leads.

So if you haven’t looked seriously at your blogging strategy in awhile, here are five reasons to give it a second look.

SEO. The more relevant content you create in your industry space, the more relevant your company will seem to search engines. Creating keyword rich pieces of content will help your company to appear higher in search results for your industry.

Thought Leadership. Although it may not always feel like it, you are an expert in your industry. You possess a great deal of knowledge about how the industry works, your competitors, and the tricks of the trade (or at least you should!). Your potential customers will be grateful if you share this knowledge with them and will view your company as an industry leader when they look to purchase.

Calls to Action. Once your blog is optimized in search results and devoted fans are flocking to your site each week for your industry knowledge, you can begin to convert this traffic with calls to action. Your blog is the perfect place to advertise your new content and provide opportunities for conversions. Just make sure your blog does not become a billboard for your company. Focus on adding value for your readers first. Readers will reach out when they are ready.

Email sign-up. The easiest way to generate leads from your blog is the simple and oft forgotten email sign up. If your content is provides enough value, readers will exchange their email address for keeping up to date with your posts. It’s a great way to start building a relationship.

Reuse old content. Content has a long shelf-life, but getting full use out of a well crafted piece of content can be hard. Your blog provides a great way to link back to this older content where applicable, squeezing value out of your content for years to come.

Are you using a blog in your lead generation strategy? How is it working for you? Let us know!

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