5 Simple Content Marketing Secrets #Video

One of the most anticipated marketing conferences of the year is just a few weeks away:  Content Marketing World.

With 82% of B2B marketers reporting an increase in content creation over the next 12 months, content is clearly in the B2B marketing spotlight. However, even with such a strong focus on content, many companies are still finding themselves with a creation process that is, well, less than tidy.

With demand for content so high and the possible applications of good content so far reaching, it can be easy to lose that north star guiding your content strategy. That’s why in this edition of our Smarter Marketing Series, Mat Sweezey lists off his top five content tips that will help create a solid framework for content success. Watch the video above or check out the tips below:

Tip #1

Create Content For Engagement AND Content to Support Your Sales Cycle

Don’t focus all of your content energy on pieces designed only to engage your audience. Although this type of content is always fun to create, you also need to design content focused on moving your prospects through the sales cycle. That means ROI calculators, value guides, and executive tool kits.

Tip #2

Link These Two Types of Content

Once you’ve captured a prospect’s attention with your engaging content, link them to content that supports your sales cycle. Always have a call to action for your blog posts and other top of funnel content.

Tip #3

Post During Three Periods

You should consider posting in the morning, afternoon, and at night (whether it’s a blog article or social post). Your audience is always online, and taking advantage of the morning or evening hours means you will have fewer messages to compete with for your prospects’ attention.

Tip #4

Have Content for Each Stage of the Sales Cycle

Content to support your sales cycle should be broken up to correspond to each stage of the cycle. You don’t want to have a content gap midway through your funnel. You want to be able to maintain a smooth, consistent level of engagement.

Tip 5

End With a Question

The focus of your content should always be on building relationships with prospects through engagement. End your content with a question to break the ice with prospects and open yourself up for a conversation.

Want even more helpful tips? Check out our interview with Mira Lowe from CNN, who discusses some of the content marketing strategies that have led her and her company to success.