5 Sales Myths Marketing Automation Has Busted

Over the past few years, marketing automation tools like Pardot have done more than any other tool  to turn some of the preconceived notions of sales and marketing on their heads. Companies of all sizes are embracing this technology and quickly finding that the sales game isn’t at all what they expected.

With more power at the fingertips of sales professionals than ever before, many of the biggest sales myths are falling by the wayside. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths that have been busted by marketing automation.

You Need to Be a Closer
Don’t get me wrong — sales success still hinges on how many deals are closed — but it doesn’t rely on a sales professional’s closing tactics anymore. While making sales used to be about different closing tactics, it’s now about nurturing leads to a sales-ready state so that they’re ready to buy. No closing tactics required.

Prospects Need to Be Sold
Just a few years ago, quips like “He could sell swim trunks to an Eskimo” were a badge of honor in the sales community. This is certainly not the case anymore. The proliferation of technology has made product information, suggestions, and reviews more accessible to customers than ever. Prospects prefer to do most of the research on their own. A salesman’s job is no longer to sell to someone, but to make sure they have the right information, at the right time, to make the right decision.

You Have to be Pushy
Sales reps have gotten a bad rap for being pushy and using high pressure sales tactics to close deals. Since sales professionals are always trying to hit their quota in a certain time frame, this reputation makes sense. However, marketing automation is taking some of the pressure out of sales for both sides. Automated nurturing programs ensure that prospects receive information only when it is most convenient for them. That way, sales reps have a steadier stream of sales-ready leads.

Sales is a Numbers Game
To a certain extent, sales is still a numbers game, but now it’s more about quality than quantity. Automated lead scoring and grading have simplified the process of finding the most qualified leads, allowing sales reps to streamline their sales processes and work more efficiently. The big quarterly bonuses are no longer going to the reps with the most prospects at the top of their funnel, but the reps with the most qualified prospects ready to close a deal.

Some People Are Just Born to Sell
I realize that some sales reps are natural-born talkers with an ability to sell, but marketing automation makes sales success available to those born without the gift of gab. An efficient and effective sales strategy can now be learned and perfected by a much wider range of personality types. This has contributed to a rise in more diverse, and ultimately more successful sales teams.

Marketing automation often gets billed as a game-changing solution for marketing departments, but its success is still overlooked on the sales front. More than any other tool, tactic or solution, marketing automation is making great strides in busting sales stereotypes and reshaping the tactics and perceptions of the sales process.

How has marketing automation changed the sales process in your organization? We’d love to hear about it!