5 Resources to Help Prove the Value of Marketing Automation

Last month, we released quite a few pieces of content revolving around the following topics: the ROI of marketing automation, selling an automation tool to upper management and your sales team, and the right metrics that marketers should be using to prove their success. All important information, especially given the following statistic:

77% of CMOs at top-performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason to implement marketing automation is to increase revenue. (Gleanster)

So how can marketing automation help your business increase revenue? What points does your management team care about? And how confident are you in your ability to justify your success to upper management?

Not to worry — we have all of the resources you need to approach upper management with confidence, from the initial purchase of a marketing automation tool to a successful implementation and beyond. Check out the following roundup of resources, all dedicated to helping you prove the worth of your marketing automation system.

The Marketing Automation Success Plan for SMBs [Template]

Having trouble selling the C-suite on marketing automation? From outlining your goals to sharing some specific numbers and case studies, a well-laid strategy is the best place to start. Take a look at our editable marketing automation planning template to start building your own presentation on achieving marketing automation success.


The ROI of Marketing Automation Infographic

You can read about the value of marketing automation all you want, but sometimes it’s best to just look at the numbers. Our ROI of Marketing Automation infographic showcases some of the most powerful marketing automation stats out there. Take a look! (Note: stats are a great addition to any success plan like the one included above.)


Marketing Metrics that Matter — and the Vanity Metrics to Avoid [Infographic]

Marketers know they need metrics to prove success, but which metrics are the best indicators of success, and which are a waste of time? Our recent infographic makes the distinction between “better” metrics to measure and the “vanity” metrics to stay away from. The best part is that the graphic is printable, so you can keep a constant reminder at your desk!


The ROI of Marketing Automation eBook

Want to know everything under the sun about how marketing automation can impact your ROI? Our ROI of Marketing Automation eBook is the resource for you. The eBook walks readers through the ways in which marketing automation can accelerate the sales funnel, better align marketing and sales, increase close rates, and improve sales and marketing insights into prospect activities and the health of your sales funnel.


3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help You Cut Costs

Marketing automation is often sold on the promise of the money it can make you, but what about the money it can save you? This post outlines some of the key cost-savings benefits that marketing automation users see after implementation.


We hope you find the above resources helpful! As always, keep an eye on our blog for additional best practices on this topic and others like it.