5 Questions with Mike Ryan of Cloud On Tap

This post is a part of our Amazing Moments of B2B Marketing Inspiration series. Join us each week for new stories of marketing success, as well as Q&A with marketing leaders.

This week, we’re excited to feature one of our Pardot Partners, Cloud On Tap, and their CEO, Mike Ryan. Mike Ryan is the CEO of Cloud on Tap, a Salesforce Implementation Partner and Pardot Select Partner. He oversees the project management, related product/app partnerships, and the technological advancement and direction of Cloud on Tap. Mike holds the following certifications: Pardot Consultant, Salesforce Force.com Developer, Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Clemson University. Here’s his Five Questions, enjoy!


What are you most excited about in the current B2B marketing scene?

The ability to deliver a personalized experience to leads and clients with tools such as Pardot’s Engagement Studio. B2B marketing is finally recognizing the actual people behind the business that make it possible. “Relationship marketing” isn’t just another buzz phrase.

What do you see as your biggest marketing challenges?

First, understanding that “7 Reasons Why This Is The Best Marketing Plan Ever” is good marketing on their part, but bad marketing on our part to believe it’s a guaranteed fit for our clients, company, and services. Second, stop marketing to everyone. Our services aren’t for everyone. Your company isn’t one-size-fits-all, so stop marketing to ‘all.’

What do you wish you had more of for your teams?

What everyone wants: time! Our marketing team works hard to be Pardot experts for our clients, build our own marketing content, keep up with blogs, social media, and live events, and they stay fresh on everything they can in the digital marketing world. Being a Pardot expert gives a fine balance of time to learn and time to grow.

What inspires you, and why?

The competitive challenges ahead and the constant opportunities to grow both technically and
creatively. What are we going to learn today to increase our Cloud Computing IQ and efficiency? What new ideas are going to be explored to inspire the creative side of the business? Then convert that knowledge and energy over to the Clients on-boarding projects so they can be the beneficiaries of all our internal efforts.

What is your greatest marketing achievement so far

Our marketing team has been exploding with ideas lately, and it’s paying off in the form of
#TapTipTuesday videos on our Instagram where we provide Pardot and marketing tips (we’re loving the feedback on those!), high engagement on our Ascent: Gamified Pardot Learning List Email announcement, and finally some true marketing campaigns (Upcoming: #CampCloud) that have allowed us to branch out, testing new mediums such as Buzzfeed, Snapchat, and Facebook Live videos. A career in marketing means endless learning, trial and error, and plenty of success. As long as our team is still learning and growing, we’re going to achieve all our goals.


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