5 ProTips from the Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator

We’ve been busy this year at Pardot creating new training and enablement resources for all of our customers, from launching Premier services to creating a new library of Accelerator offerings. As a member of the Customer Success Group, the enablement of our customers is especially important to me, but, you can’t very well use a resource that you don’t know about. So for all of you currently asking “What’s an Accelerator?” or “Why would that help me?”, I’ve outlined my 5 favorite tips from our newest Accelerator, Getting Started with Pardot, to give you a behind the scenes look at this very popular Premier+ offering.

Accelerators are one of the most requested offerings for Premier customers because they come in a range of topics, complexity levels, and lengths of engagement. So whether you are needing some technical guidance on setting up Salesforce Engage, or some 1:1 consultation on setting up your first campaign, Accelerators have you covered! They bridge the gap between self-guided assistance and a full-service engagement and provide 1:1 advice on specific business challenges. To give you a glimpse, let’s jump right in to my 5 favorite tips from the Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator:

How Many Cooks in the Kitchen?: Before signing up for the Accelerator, you should consider the stakeholders. Have you aligned with your leadership team to identify your desired metrics and goals for your first campaign? Have you aligned with your Pardot Admin (or are you the Pardot Admin)? Confirming you have willing participation from the right stakeholders is actually required to move forward from the first discovery call, so it’s a great way to get conversations started with your internal stakeholders and build alignment between teams.

Start at the Source: What are the thematic first touch points or channels driving leads for your marketing initiative? Remember, Pardot Campaigns are like source fields, so when you are thinking of your greater campaign efforts, don’t let this confuse you! Starting with Pardot campaign to capture the source of these leads sets yourself up for clearer ROI and performance reporting later. You can also use our handy-dandy Campaigns Checklist to walk through our recommended steps.

Generate Leads and Keep ‘Em Clean: After you identify the channels, tackle your lead capture strategy. When creating forms, avoid open-text fields as much as possible. The Accelerator will show you how to pre-defined field values using radio buttons or drop-down menus to help eliminate unwanted data entries.

Hit the “Easy” Button: Automate daily processes like lead qualification, where you can. The Accelerator walks your through the 4 key automation tools in Pardot and suggests ways to use them depending on your specific business needs.

Where’s the finish line? The Getting Started with Pardot Accelerator walks through the out-of-the-box reports to help you identify which ones will be most useful to you. Let your Specialist know exactly what you’ll be measuring in your marketing initiatives and why – that’s how we can really make the most beneficial recommendations! You’ll be starting at the source, but it’s always a great idea to have the end goal in mind to know where you are aiming.

Interested in going further? If you’re a Premier+ customer, request your Getting Started Accelerators here. If you aren’t Premier or aren’t sure if you have access to Accelerators, learn more about the full library of Accelerators here. And all users should be sure to check out our Success Path to guide you through all of our great free resources (bonus: our Getting Started Accelerator is a shortcut on the Path).