5 (More) Creative Ways to Use Pardot Automation Rules

Marketers, how do you make your day-to-day life easier with automation? What else would you like to automate if you could?  Lead qualification, assignment, notifications, task creation, applying tags, adding to campaigns, or…?

Pardot automation allows you to perform seemingly unlimited tasks to help you achieve your overall marketing goals. Automation rules make your job easier in a variety of ways, from qualifying leads to personalization. 

We’ve put together this two part list of some of our most recommended uses of Pardot’s automation rules. 

Take a look at part one and the tips below to see how you can start “automating” your marketing. 


“Automation rules are a powerful way to customize your scoring and grading models. Consider customizing your global, baseline scoring rules, while using automation rules as an additional layer of measuring and responding to customer engagement and intent. You might look at prospects who meet a certain scoring threshold in addition to specific, tracked activities to do things like:

  • Increment score even higher. The combination of certain activities may be even more valuable and indicative of buying intent, wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Create a task in Salesforce for the assigned rep. Sales will find great value in real-time alerts through Salesforce Engage. Up the ante by automating task creation for sales users when their Leads or Contacts are especially engaged and ready to buy.
  • Alert a member of the marketing team. This is a way to proactively alert marketing to affirm the effectiveness of their lead qualification model, or to encourage them to revisit their model to regularly improve and iterate.”

We recommend you review your automation rules 30 days after you set them up the first time, and then review them every 90 days after that.”

Susan Ashley | Senior Product Solution Advisor


“To adjust for a prospect’s inactive behavior over time, use a repeat automation rule to set up a scoring decay model. If the prospect has been inactive over a defined number of days, decrease their score. Check back again by repeating the rule a specific number of times, or an unlimited number of times until the prospect becomes active again or their score reaches zero.”

Alysse Allen | Senior Success Guide


“With the use of our Google Analytics Connector & UTM Parameters, you can capture how prospects are getting to your website. You then can run an automation rule looking for these different UTM’s so you can associate the prospect to the correct Salesforce Campaign. This is a great way to assess the value of your online campaigns.”  

Cara Clanton | Senior Success Guide


“Increase personalization and content engagement by sending custom autoresponder emails to prospects who complete forms. Automation rules can be configured to assess field criteria in combination with form submission data to push specific autoresponder emails to prospects who complete forms.”

Virginia Baaklini | Senior Success Guide


“When net new prospects are created, you could create an automation rule that adds them to a list that feeds a Welcome Series Engagement Program.”

Anna Burrell | Senior Success Guide

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If you’ve enjoyed these tips, check out part one or  The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing for more.

This blog post was originally written and posted by Adam Waid in 2015, and updated August 2020 by Crystal Garrett.

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