5 Customer Success Stories to Help Grow Your Small Business [New eBook]

Raise your hand (virtually) if this sounds familiar: you walk into the office in the morning, wave hello to the few folks on your marketing and sales teams, and spend the rest of your morning monitoring your email campaigns, updating your business’ various social channels, and making your best guess at whether or not a lead is qualified enough to be sent over to the sales team.

This is just one example of what life might look like for a small business marketer. Left to juggle a myriad of tasks on a day-to-day basis, marketers at small businesses carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. And while this certainly keeps things fresh and exciting, it can also be exhausting.

We recently talked to five Pardot clients about their experiences using marketing automation with their small teams. Interestingly enough, some common themes came to light in our discussions. In each of their cases, marketing automation was adopted to address one of the following pain points:

  • “How do I maximize the productivity of my small team?”
  • “How do I distribute all of my marketing content?”
  • “How do I create a marketing and sales workflow that everyone is happy with?”
  • “How do I prove that my marketing team’s efforts are working?”
  • “How do I combine my disparate systems into one integrated marketing and sales tool?”

If you’re trying to find the answer to any of the questions above, perhaps we can help. After hearing such great stories from our Pardot clients, we decided to compile a case study eBook profiling each company’s growth story — and marketing automation’s role in that growth. Take a look our first ever Pardot Customer Spotlight, Five Ways Small Business Companies Are Powering Growth with Marketing Automation, for a more candid look at the stories behind the growth of companies like Vidyard, Xcentric, and Field Nation.

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