4 Ways to Enhance Your Prospect Data with GetFeedback + Pardot

How well do you know your audience? Even the most data-minded marketers have to make educated guesses from time to time. Unfortunately, those guesses can lead to unsubscribes and other unfavorable results if you miss the mark by too much.

Getting to know the people you’re selling to is essential if you want to be successful—and that starts by asking the right questions. With the release of GetFeedback for Pardot, it’s now possible for marketers to engage and understand their prospects in a whole new way. 

4 ways to enhance your prospect data

Pardot marketing automation already makes it simple to build an intelligent buyer journey based on prospect engagement and behavioral data points. But what’s missing? Direct input from the audience. Without feedback from the people who matter most, you have to make assumptions about what works and what doesn’t. Instead, why not ask?

Here are some ways you can leverage prospect feedback to round out your data, build smarter journeys, and ultimately, drive more business.

1. Learn more about your prospects with progressive profiling through surveys

Add lightweight surveys to each touchpoint to continuously ask questions and build complete profiles of your prospects.

Survey question about personalized content

2. See what kind of content is sticking with your audience

After a prospect first accesses an ebook or watches a video, ask if it was useful to them and why. Engage later and ask if the topic is still interesting to make sure you’re delivering the most relevant content.

Survey question about topic relevance

3. Shift nurture paths for smarter engagement

After attending a webcast, ask what topics prospects are interested in hearing more about, so you can send them exactly what they want.

Learn more about prospect interest

4. Improve lead qualification, scoring, and grading

Add 5 points to someone’s lead score every time they answer a GetFeedback survey, indicating that they’re engaged with your brand. Add 10 points if someone indicates that they’re ready for a demo.

Qualify leads with survey questions


When you’re in touch with your prospects’ needs and interests, it becomes so much easier to serve up content that resonates. Together, GetFeedback and Pardot give you the means to personalize the journey from prospect to customer.

Visit www.getfeedback.com/pardot to see how GetFeedback makes Pardot marketing automation even more powerful.