4 Ways Pardot Premium Boosts your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

According to Salesforce’s 6th State of Marketing Report, 92% of B2B marketers now have an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) program. As more B2B marketers continue to adopt ABM as part of their overall strategy, customers increasingly seek empathy and engagement. Therefore, it is crucial for complex marketing teams to have the right technology to digitally transform and deliver on their customers needs.

We’re introducing Pardot Premium edition and more at the end of July — the newest technology that enables B2B marketers to successfully execute their ABM and lead generation strategies. The Pardot Premium edition builds on its promise to help B2B marketers: 

  • Scale marketing teams globally 
  • Take action on intelligent insights 
  • Deploy Pardot with confidence 
  • Blaze the trail to success, faster

Here’s a quick sneak peek at four features of Pardot Premium that enable complex organizations to scale ABM and lead generation strategies. 

1. Pardot Business Units 

Does your business have multiple segments, brands, or geographies? With this capability, you can seamlessly manage automation efforts for each business unit separately, while also maintaining a global view.  Business Snippets enable you to more easily manage business content, such as legal disclaimers, copyright information, or branding standards, across one or many business units. Whether you’re sending an email to customers in APAC or EMEA, get the right message to the right folks — without reinventing the wheel.

2. B2B Marketing Analytics Plus 

Powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, not only can you better understand the performance of past campaigns — but you can also now receive suggestions on what to do next. Maximize your ROI at every stage of the funnel. For instance, predict how much engagement you will gain with planned campaigns. The new connectors allow marketers to pull in data from external systems, like Google Analytics.  

See how B2B Marketing Analytics Plus works.

3. Developer Sandboxes for Pardot 

Testing, auditing, and configuring Pardot is now easier than ever.  Admins and developers can use sandboxes to safely test Pardot in an isolated training environment before going to live production. This provides the staging ground developers need to make any configuration or asset changes, ensuring all IT governance needs are met.

4. Premier Plus 

With Premier Plus, you can achieve your goals with resources tailored to your success. Maximize the value of the Pardot solution with access to a team of certified Salesforce experts who provide guidance, support, and training post-implementation — all at your fingertips. Boost productivity and free your team from day-to-day administration tasks, such as setting up users or creating reports, so that your team can focus on more strategic projects.

Watch our Pardot Premium Demo to learn more about what the July 2020 Pardot Premium release has to offer and join our webinar to learn more strategies for ABM success.

Live Webinar : Considering an ABM Strategy? Here's how it grows your business.


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