4 Ways to Grow Your Company…without Help from Sales

If your organization holds company-wide meetings (and even if it doesn’t), it’s probably a safe bet that questions about company growth and vision come up fairly frequently. It’s natural for employees to be concerned about the future of their company, especially when they’re invested in its success. But sometimes, they want to hear about more than sales forecasting in response to their questions.

Many companies rely heavily on their sales teams when it comes to predicting future performance. But there are several other factors that contribute to company growth besides sales — your customers, your product, the technologies at your disposal, your marketing strategy, and more. It’s important that companies take the time to consider all of these other success factors if they want to form a sustainable, reliable foundation for growth.

So the next time employees ask about the company vision, make sure the conversation doesn’t revolve solely around sales. Not only will your team be glad to hear that you’re focused on a myriad of different issues, but your sales team won’t feel as pressured to support the success of the entire company. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can start growing your company — without having to rely on help from sales.

Invest in Your Product

Before your sales team can put 100% effort into selling, you need to invest an equal amount of effort in product development. Your sales team may be great at putting a sales spin on things, but they can only do so much before your potential customers ask to see more. If you really want to be successful, you need to have a product that you’re proud of — one that will make your customers excited, put pressure on your competitors, and make your sales reps’ jobs easier.

Turn Your Customers into Salespeople

Another way to help your company grow is to invest in your current customers, not just your future ones. Investing in customer support and training will help keep your customers happy and improve your churn rates. When your customers are happy, they’re much more likely to recommend your product or service to others, write positive reviews, create glowing testimonials, and become some of the best salespeople you can find. Why? Because they don’t work for you, and therefore aren’t spitting out marketing messages and sales pitches to your future customers. Their word is honest and credible.

Use an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Instead of employing a more expensive outbound marketing strategy, which relies on pushing marketing messages onto your customers, start thinking about an inbound marketing strategy, which focuses on bringing in potential customers through quality content. Not only can you create brand awareness through inbound marketing, you can also build relationships with customers and clients while generating leads at the same time.

Invest in Marketing Technologies

Instead of hiring new headcount to handle growing needs, consider investing in a marketing technology that can help you grow your company with the resources you already have at your disposal. Often, email marketing platforms, social media monitoring systems, or tools like marketing automation can help you increase efficiency and improve productivity by automating tasks that would typically be done manually. Addressing which pain points can be solved by marketing technologies, then investing in the proper tools, can help your company grow without having to rely on the prowess of your sales team.

Don’t be afraid to take the focus off of sales to invest in other areas of your company, like your employees and your customers. You may not see an immediate return on your investment, but you will see a positive impact on revenue and customer retention rates in the long run — and that makes it all worth the extra effort.