4 Ways to Get More Out of Your B2B Marketing Automation

Connecting with customers. Staying on top of leads. Running nurture campaigns. Yep, B2B marketers wear a lot of hats these days. So, it’s no wonder you’re always on the lookout for new tools or tips to help you automate, simplify, and streamline whatever you can. We hear you. At Salesforce Pardot, we love coming up with new ways to help you market and sell faster and smarter. It’s what we’re all about. I’m excited to tell you about some new resources that can help you get more out of your marketing automation.

Accelerators for Pardot are one-on-one engagements with Salesforce Specialists, who help you to achieve a specific goal. What makes Accelerators so effective? Not only do we put together a plan tailored to your business goal – we walk you through the process, so you know how to repeat it in the future. We have four Accelerators for Pardot. They’re designed to address the stage of your implementation, your team’s strengths and areas where you want to grow, and your marketing and sales goals.

Here’s a quick overview of our Accelerators and how each one can help you reach your goals:

Getting Started with Pardot

If you’ve already implemented Pardot and are looking for best practices to get the most out of the platform, you’ll want to check out this Accelerator. You’ll learn how to build, execute, and report on marketing automation campaigns. This Accelerator will help you get a deeper understanding of your Pardot accounts and teach your marketing team how to build and report on their own campaigns. Ultimately, you’ll increase accountability and make your daily marketing practices more efficient.

Salesforce Engage QuickStart

Once you’re feeling good about your Pardot implementation, your next step might be implementing Engage, a feature that automates alerts, campaigns, and reports to help marketing and sales teams work together more effectively. This Accelerator gives you a guided overview of how to implement Engage within your environment. You’ll learn how to set up and update page layouts, assign user licenses, publish campaigns, and track adoption with reports and dashboards. Plus, your Salesforce Specialist will give you personalized recommendations to help you reach your specific goals.

Salesforce Engage Best Practices for the Marketer

After you set up Engage, you’ll need to get your Marketing team on board. This Accelerator teaches your marketing team how to create and deploy Salesforce Engage Campaigns, email templates, and nurture programs that your sales team can share with prospects. Plus, your specialist will help you set up reports and alerts, so you can see what’s working (and what isn’t), then improve the way you connect with customers. You’ll also save your marketing team and admin time by automating repetitive tasks, sharing tasks among the team, and making it easier to edit sales emails and other assets.

Salesforce Engage Best Practices for Sales

Engage helps your sales team take advantage of marketing automation, so you’ll want to make sure the team knows how to use this powerful feature to close more deals. This Accelerator shows sales how to send marketing emails to prospects and add them to nurture campaigns. Your specialist will help you demonstrate how Engage aligns with their sales goals and makes it easier to reach them.

How to get started with Pardot Accelerators

Thinking about signing up for a Pardot Accelerator? Check out the Accelerator Library to learn more about how to get started. Once you’ve found an Accelerator that’s right for you, go to Help & Training to request an Accelerator, or contact your Account Executive for help.

If you’ve got a Premier for Pardot Success Plan, Accelerators are a benefit included with your plan. To learn more about Premier for Pardot, check out our blog post or contact your Account Executive for more information.

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