4 Ways Financial Services Marketers Can Maximize Marketing Spend with Advanced Reporting

When you’re in the business of money, you know the value of a dollar. And as a marketer, it’s always important to maximize your budget — big or small. But it can be tough to know exactly where your marketing spend will be most effective. Should you be pushing more paid search, social media promotion, or email marketing?

We’ve got good news. Advanced reporting can help you quit the guessing game and start putting your spend where it matters most for your financial services brand.

Reporting has proven to be an essential step in any marketing program. Advanced reporting techniques help you see what you’re doing and how it’s going, so you can do more of what works.

Learn how financial services marketers can make the most of their dollars and cents with advanced reporting techniques.

1. Take advantage of AI

Reporting all goes back to data. And if data is like oil, artificial intelligence (AI) is like a refinery. For marketers who manage multiple data sources, it may feel like you have data coming at you from all directions. It can be difficult to keep it all straight, let alone glean insights from it!

AI helps you mine through all of your data from a number of sources and bring it together into easily digestible, actionable insights. AI can help you see what content performs well for your different audiences, which campaigns are driving the most customer engagement across the funnel, and surface buying intent signals along the way.

For example, you may notice that over time, prospects who engage with three or more assets associated with your mortgage financing campaign are more likely to purchase your mortgage services. With this insight, you can create a strategic nurture program for mortgage financing that engages your target audience with three pieces of content within the first week of them entering your database. By engaging buyers earlier on in their buyer journey, you can identify qualified leads faster, ensure your sales team reaches out at the right time, and shorten deal cycles.

Whether it’s information about your investment services, financial planning resources, or even the types of services that buyers ultimately purchase, AI helps you make sense of it all so you can put those insights into action through your marketing spend.

2. Optimize in real time

With advanced reporting, you can be always on and make smart adjustments in real time during a campaign. Gone are the days of pulling reports two weeks after a campaign ends, and having that awkward coulda-woulda-shoulda post-mortem meeting with management team.

Advanced reporting lets you see what’s happening in real time with your campaigns. For example, if you’re running a promotional campaign surrounding a new hedge fund offering and you find one landing page to be significantly underperforming, you can reroute your marketing spend immediately to promote the landing pages that are performing highly — as the campaign is happening.

And by leveraging an analytics platform that’s integrated with your marketing automation and CRM, you can share these insights in real time with your sales and marketing stakeholders, eliminating data silos and ensuring that everyone is aligned.

3. Analyze that attribution

Attribution analysis is all about determining which touch points drive sales. With advanced reporting, you can analyze what content or promotion brought customers to your site, what made them purchase, and more.

Whether you’re trying to determine the campaign that turned an unidentified visitor into a known prospect (first-touch), the campaign that convinced them to make a purchase (last-touch), or a combination of touch points and campaigns along their entire customer journey (multi-touch), you’ll be able to see what kind of marketing is compelling to your buyers.

If you’re an investment firm, maybe you’ll find that your top-of-funnel thought leadership pieces are a more effective first touchpoint, rather than a detailed service-specific promotional email. With this insight, you can delegate more marketing spend into helpful, product-agnostic thought leadership pieces, knowing that they’ll create more marketing pipeline and drive more sales in the end.

4. Get yourself some well-deserved praise

Simply put, reporting shows you what’s going on in the marketing ecosystem you’ve created. When things are going great, you want proof of a job well done! Reporting can prove that your leads are qualified and that your marketing tactics are actually driving sales.

With advanced reporting in your marketing toolbox, you can take your financial services brand to the next level and make the most of your marketing spend, no matter the size of your budget. Learn more about Pardot for Financial Services.

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