4 Steps to Better Landing Pages

This week was the BtoB Leading Edge, Demand Generation in the Digital Age.  The event brought in a lot of great speakers who had some useful tips for us marketers.  One I want to touch on now is giving your website visitors a proper welcome and proper instruction.  Every page of your website and every landing page should be clear and to the point.  In the next few steps I am going to cover some best practices specifically for landing pages:

1.  Get it right from first glance. The landing page needs to be relevant to the search the prospect performed.  From first glance, if a prospect finds that your landing page either does not relate to their query or looks too complicated, you will lose them as a lead.  So make sure you have an offer that is appealing and relative.

2.  Keep it clean. Landing pages should be simple and should not include links to everything like your homepage does.  Those additional links only bring more possibility for your viewer to navigate away from your landing page.  Also be sure to include relevant graphics with captions.  As far as the content of the page, make it simple and straightforward.  Bullet points help to minimize reading time, as many people do not read landing pages.

3.  Gather information. Before you send your prospect the offer from your landing page, get some of their information so you can have a valid lead.  Only ask for what you need.  Too many fields to fill out will also hinder your chance of turning a visitor into a lead.  To make sure you have a valid email addressProspect Insight has anemail blocker that automatically checks the validity of an email address to ensure it is valid and from a non-free provider.  You should email your offer to your prospect, this will also give you a reason to ask for their contact information.

4.  Thank and confirm. Once your visitor completes the form direct them to a thank you page.  This way you can thank them for their time, tell them you will be emailing the offer to them, and possibly promote something else or ask for feedback.

Follow these steps and double check your current landing pages to make sure they fit this criteria as well.   By having clear landing pages you will be guaranteed more leads.