4 Noteworthy Pinterest Boards Every B2B Company Should Have

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform that B2B companies often overlook, but it shouldn’t be that way! As the social media landscape becomes progressively more visual, people are sharing image-based content like never before. B2Bs can take advantage of Pinterest’s virtual bulletin boards by easily showcasing visual content such as branded infographics. Plus, Pinterest is second only to Facebook in the number of web traffic referrals from social media, so linking pins to your landing pages can be great for lead generation (Shareaholic).

We’ve written before about innovative and creative ways B2B companies can use Pinterest. Here are four more boards you should create today to maximize your exposure on this traffic-generating powerhouse.

25% of B2B marketers regularly use Pinterest. (CMI)

1. Business Resources

As great as your company is, not everything you pin should be self-promotional. Create a board with resources that are helpful for industry professionals, and include pins from your website as well as other sites you value. Sharing content from a variety of sources will build your audience’s trust, and you’ll still drive traffic to your content.

2. Upcoming Events

Promote your upcoming events, both offline and online, with a Pinterest board. You can easily pin your promotional flyers or graphics, but no worries if you don’t have any. Pinstamatic has a calendar feature that allows you to pin an image of any date. Pin the date of your event, and include additional information in the pin’s description. Make sure to edit the click-through link to direct people to your website.

3. Just For Fun

One great thing about Pinterest is that it’s low maintenance. Creating new pins takes just a few seconds, and repinning from others’ boards is even easier. Because of this, there’s no harm in taking five minutes a day to curate a fun board that has nothing to do with your business. Why not show off your team’s favorite recipes or music videos? Even though these types of pins won’t generate leads or traffic to your website, they can increase your followers and provide a glimpse into your company culture.

4. Group Boards

Group boards are collaborative, allowing multiple pinners to post to the same board. Use a directory like PinGroupie to find industry-themed boards to join. You need to be invited to pin to a group board, but Pinterest just rolled out a new private messaging feature that makes it easy to request an invite. This is an excellent (and free!) way to reach a niche market without much effort.

Do you have any Pinterest boards that your followers go crazy for? Let us know your ideas in the comments!