4 Must-Have Nurturing Campaigns for B2B Marketers

With recent studies showing that 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy, the question is no longer “should you invest in lead nurturing,” but rather, “can you afford not to?”

But while automated lead nurturing is unquestionably one of the most sought-after capabilities of marketing automation solutions, it can also be one of the most intimidating features to get started with. After all, there are a lot of considerations that go into building an effective drip: who do you want to target? What are their interests and pain points? How can your content help and how often should you “drip” it to them?

So if all of these questions have left you in a state of analysis paralysis, start with the following four simple drips to get the hang of building targeted, effective campaigns.

The Post-Event Drip

You invest a significant amount of time and money into marketing events, so don’t let the leads you acquire slip through the cracks. A simple event follow-up drip is a great way to stay top of mind and further educate recent event attendees on your product or service. Consider including another piece of content from a speaker at your event — recognizing the name of someone they’ve recently seen adds a human element to your marketing and is a powerful motivator for recipients to open your email.

The Renewal Time Drip

That’s right — drips aren’t just for cold or inactive leads. Set up a short drip campaign to remind your current customers when it’s time to renew their contracts, and include a task to alert the assigned rep as well, keeping everyone on the same page. Remember that your competitors may also be aware that renewal time is approaching and choose this time to reach out, so consider including information about your newest features and appealing incentives for remaining a customer.

The New Customer Drip

One of the simplest drips you can build is a new customer drip, and can be a great way to ensure that your clients are satisfied with their experience right off the bat. Remember that the actual onboarding process will always—and should always—be a high-touch and manual process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of drip nurturing capabilities to automate some of the more repetitive aspects of implementation. Start your drip with a welcome email and introduce new clients to some of the resources at their disposal. Also include educational content on how to get the most out of their investment as they progress through the onboarding process.

The Topic Drip

Yes, this type of drip is a little more complex and can require a larger investment of time, but the eventual goal of lead nurturing is to build out a series of relevant and educational drips that cater to the specific interests of each prospect. And while it can sound a bit overwhelming, the best way to work towards this goal is just to dive right in. Pick a common pain point that will grab your audience’s attention and compile content around it, then figure out how you can gradually and naturally move from this topic into other features and benefits of your product. Once you’ve built out this first topic drip and figured out a logical flow of content, building out other topic drips that cater to the priorities of your other prospects will be a cinch.

Want to learn more? See four more essential lead nurturing campaigns and try your hand at building your own campaign in our interactive lead nurturing lab. And be sure to download our free Lead Nurturing Handbook for worksheets, tip sheets, and best practices.


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