4 Marketing Automation Resolutions for 2012

It’s getting to be that time again. As the new year approaches, we have the opportunity reflect on the past and look forward to the future. This may be the year that you choose to join the gym, quit smoking, or save money. Or maybe you’ve set your sights even higher – you want to improve your personal and professional lives. For all those marketers out there looking to make 2012 the best year yet, here’s four marketing automation resolutions to get your new year started right:

  1. Lose Weight – Has your marketing automation database put on a few extra pounds? Are your lists getting bloated and not as thin as they used to be? We’ve all been there, but it’s never to late to trim the fat. Set aside some time in the next few weeks to go through your lists and clean them up by removing inactive email addresses. Starting 2012 with a clean database will make it easier to start a habit of keeping your lists in shape for the rest of the year. And practicing good list hygiene can help improve email deliverability and optimize response rates and conversions.
  2. Get Organized – Chances are this past year has left your marketing automation system a little cluttered. It’s not always easy to keep things organized as you create last-minute landing pages or send an unexpected email blast. There is hope for you though. Not only is it possible to go back and tag all of your content correctly, but you can also setup guidelines for the new year. Plan to keep 2012 stress free by creating naming and tagging conventions to follow. Easy access to your newsletter template or white papers will help keep things running smoothly.
  3. Connect with Old Friends – As time passes, you’re likely to meet new prospects and leave the old ones behind. Make 2012 the year you reach back out to the neglected prospects and see how things are going. Since you last made contact, it’s possible that the company has developed a need for your product, positions within the company have changed in your favor, or budgets have increased for the right departments. In all these scenarios, a reintroduction of your product may get the ball rolling again and eventually lead to a sale. Take the time to rekindle old relationships through a one-off email or drip campaign and it may pay off.
  4. Learn Something New – Knowledge is power, right? It’s also a great way to stay ahead of the competition. As part your quest for self-improvement in 2012, dedicate each month to learning a new marketing automation feature or strategy. Sometimes engineers are so quick about pushing out new features and updates that it’s hard for users to keep up. Compile a list of everything you’ve been meaning to check out and choose a month to learn more about that feature. Your newfound capabilities will not only improve your marketing skill set but will also help your company stay one step ahead with better landing pages, nurturing campaigns, and lead management.