4 Key Components to a Growth-Focused Marketing Strategy

What characteristics separate successful, fast-growing businesses from the rest of the pack?

How can smaller marketing teams aid business growth in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape?

We’ll be facing these questions and more head-on in our upcoming webinar, 4 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Fast-Growth Companies — or, rather, our panel of experts will be. On January 29th, join Russ Glass, Head of Products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Kyle Porter, CEO and Founder of SalesLoft, and Pardot’s own Mathew Sweezey, author of Marketing Automation for Dummies, as they discuss how to jumpstart your 2015 marketing efforts with four hot new marketing strategies. (Further motivation: you’ll receive a free copy of Marketing Automation for Dummies just for attending).

Here are few points to get you thinking on the topic of growth-focused marketing strategies as you solidify your plans for 2015 and start putting them into action — as a well as a few sneak peeks at what we’ll be talking about on January 29th.

1. Agility

It’s (hands down) the most crucial element of marketing for a fast-growing company — being able to pivot your strategy on a dime. Having an agile approach to marketing enables you to try new things, assess whether or not they’re working, and tweak (or throw out) your strategies before you end up spending a colossal amount of budget on a dud campaign.

Jan. 29: Learn tips on developing an agile approach to one of the most time-intensive aspects of marketing: content creation.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency is essential for fast-growing companies as it frees your team from getting bogged down with tedious, repetitive tasks, and enables them to start focusing on overall direction and strategy. Particularly for smaller teams, tools that can streamline processes and optimize efficiency are well worth the investment, — and, frankly, are critical for success.

Jan. 29: Hear about the latest and greatest technology for maximizing efficiency and increasing close rates.

3. Focus

Focus goes hand-in-hand with efficiency: why keep blasting your message to unwilling listeners (and paying to do it, no less) when you can specifically target your most favorable prospects with personalized messaging? With today’s technology, there’s really no excuse for mass, impersonal messaging (and the word ‘eblast’ shouldn’t even be present in your vocabulary).

Jan. 29: Learn more about account-based marketing, and gain expert tips for targeting and personalizing your messaging.

4. Insight

The importance of reporting for fast-growth businesses is a no-brainer: insight is essential for improvement and agility. Find out what’s working and what’s not, stop putting budget towards ineffective initiatives, and demonstrate success to secure budget for successful initiatives.

Jan. 29: Take a look at new reporting models that can provide additional insight into marketing success, as well as reveal areas that need improvement.

Ready to start working these key components into your marketing strategy? Grab your spot now for 4 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Fast-Growth Companies to gain some expert insights on the most effective, growth-focused marketing strategies of today — and to secure your free copy of Marketing Automation for Dummies. See you January 29th!