4 Ideas for Calls to Action

A key element in effective email marketing is the call to action (CTA) for your campaign. This is the moment where you convince your prospect to take action — whether it be a purchase, download, or even a free trial — and it needs to be persuasive. Here are a few ways you can leverage your CTAs to increase your emails’ effectiveness:

  • Sign up for a webinar. Webinars are becoming increasingly popular and are effective lead generation tools. You can create webinars that target current customers with subjects like product features and road maps, or you can try to cast into new customer pools with more general, informational webinars that touch on topics like best practices for your industry.
  • Download a piece of content. One of the most common ways to nurture leads is by creating a targeted piece of content about your company or its industry. Data sheets, case studies, and white papers are all powerful pieces of marketing collateral that resonate with prospects.
  • Build your following. One of the easiest — and most popular — ways to use your CTA these days is to build your social media and blog followers. Creating compelling and useful posts, and then simply asking your readers to follow you is a great way to leverage your CTA and increase your reach.
  • Generate a response. The key to any email marketing campaign is to generate your target response. Your CTA is the pinnacle of your efforts and should call out your requested action as boldly and succinctly as possible. Using your emails to generate responses to survey questions, build event attendance, leave customer testimonials or even just respond to the email to open a dialogue are all useful ways to use your CTA.

For specific hints on wording CTA buttons effectively, check out our Quick Tips blog post on CTA buttons.