4 Approaches to B2B Video Marketing

We all want a break.

No matter how much you love your job, there comes a point (or maybe a few points) in the workday where your brain could use a distraction. If only there was content that gave your brain this much-needed break and helped you do your job better…

Our friends at Wistia hit the nail on the head with their presentation at our 2012 user conference: “If Content is King, Then Video is the Crown.” Video not only provides an effortless and entertaining way for your audience to absorb information, it also adds another dimension to content: human connection. Your audience can see, hear, and learn from the people behind your brand, and this, more than anything, is why you should stop thinking of video marketing as a strictly B2C tactic.

Before we look at a few different approaches to making videos in the B2B space, consider the following key takeaways from Wistia’s presentation:

  • Fun works: Drop the stiff formality. Show your employees having fun and loving what they do; give your audience a brand and a culture that they’ll want to be a part of.
  • Don’t be too self-promotional: Wistia found that engagement with one of their videos dropped off significantly when employees started playfully chanting the name of their company. Subtle and unintentional, but it changed the feel of the video.
  • Shorter is better: Yes, video can be expensive, but don’t try to cram everything into one long video. Keep it short and sweet: Wistia found that 50% more people will complete a one-minute video than a two-minute video.

So, without further ado, I’ll give your brain that much-needed break I talked about earlier. Enjoy the following videos and think about how you could use the same approach to video with your business.

The “Fireside Chat”

Yes, I realize that FDR’s original Fireside chats did not include video, but the idea is still the same. Putting your fearless leader in front of a camera to talk about your company’s mission and values can establish a sense of trust and respect in your audience that extends to your whole brand (think Steve Jobs if you need a more modern example). And maybe this Old Spice commercial is not the best example of meeting the person behind the brand, but hey, I promised you an entertaining break, right?

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Don’t stop at your CEO — put everyone you can in front of a camera. Consider this simple example from Wistia: a video summing up their accomplishments in 2012. Not a complex or informative message, but it allows their customers to put faces to the names they’ve been interacting with, enhancing the relationship building process.

The Viral Video

You don’t have to make your own version of the Harlem shake video (please, no more of those), but it can be equally nonsensical. With the right blend of humor and creativity, your video doesn’t even have to promote your product, it just has to leave viewers with the question, “who are these guys?” (which this video from Vooza will undoubtedly do). B2B or B2C, funny videos travel fast, and there are few things that can raise brand awareness so quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

The Instructional Video

Who says videos can’t be entertaining and informative? Consider introducing a new product update with a quick, informational video like the one above. Screenshots and voice overs are great, but screenshots, voice overs, and video of the person talking is better. Let your audience meet the person instructing – it makes for a far more engaging video.

What’re some other approaches that B2B marketers can take to video marketing? We’d love to hear from you in our comments.

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