3 Ways to Win and Grow Customers by Aligning Sales and Marketing

New year, new resolution: 2020 is the year your sales and marketing strategies will finally merge to help your business grow and win more customers.

Many B2B companies still struggle to align their sales and marketing departments, some are not ready to embrace technological changes, some have very old processes and others are just too tied to do things manually, but your company does not have to stay this way.

You are still in time to make your business resolution list, and what better way to start 2020 than by aligning your sales and marketing efforts! Salesforce Pardot is here to help you along the way.

Here are three ways you can win and grow customers by aligning sales and marketing in 2020.

1. Solve Business Complexity with Marketing Automation

If you work in a large and complex company, you may be dealing with a constant pressure to innovate and stay at the top in a very competitive landscape where digital transformation is a key priority for businesses across industries. You may be already devoting significant time, efforts and budget to digital transformation — but are you are confident that you are using the right tools that will help your company thrive in this era of digital transformation?

The key is to learn how to navigate and automate daily business complexities, which is where marketing automation can help! By streamlining processes and automating all of the manual work your marketing and sales teams may be still tied up into (AKA endless excel spreadsheets and asking your sales teams to score leads manually!), marketing automation can free your time so you can focus on what matters.

2. Break Down Team Silos

Building a strong and successful foundational relationship between sales and marketing teams is of paramount importance to succeed. Think of them as your Bonnie and Clyde, your Thelma and Louise, your Han Solo and Chewbacca or your Batman and Robin — without these dynamic duos, there would not be great stories, adventures, or movies!

So if your sales and marketing strategies are not in sync, you risk missing out on your own “dynamic duo” success story, and all of your great efforts could go to waste.

Speak to your sales team to understand their challenges and what helps them be successful. From there, build a plan together so you can break down team silos to grow and retain your company’s revenue faster.

3. Map Out a Plan for Success

Lastly, make sure you are set up for success!

You secured enough budget to buy a new marketing automation platform, and you are 100% committed to help your company grow in 2020. The final step is making sure you have the right partners on your side to help you during implementation.

Implementing a new marketing automation platform will look different across each and every company, as every company’s challenges and goals are unique. Thankfully, this journey isn’t something you need to go at alone. By asking for expert support, you can have a friendly guide along the way who will help set you up for success so you can hit the ground running.

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