3 Ways Small Companies Are Achieving Big Results with Marketing Automation

One of marketing’s biggest challenges — especially on a small team — is juggling the lead management process over a long sales cycle. That’s on top of other tasks like optimizing your content strategy, designing effective email templates, interacting with your audience via social media, and more. With the increasing pressure on marketing to find the most qualified prospects, build relationships with them, and contribute to the company’s overall pipeline, it’s no wonder that many marketers are folding under the pressure.

This year at Dreamforce, our own Client Advocate Sr. Manager, Adam Waid, joined forces with Patientco’s Annie Czarnecki, Demand Generation Specialist, to share some tried-and-true strategies for driving leads (and revenue!) with marketing automation on a high-growth team. Together, the two shared tips and best practices to help small companies achieve big results.

Back by popular demand, Adam and Annie will be hosting an encore presentation on November 19th at 2PM EST. Register for their webinar here, and take a look at a few “sneak peek” best practices below:

1. Maximize your lead management efforts.

When it comes to managing your leads with marketing automation, there are two primary strategies that companies must implement to make an impact: blended lead qualification and lead nurturing.

When issues arise in the lead management process, it often boils down to lead quality, i.e., leads are not qualified enough to warrant follow up by the sales team (or, in many situations, leads are high-quality, but sales doesn’t know how to prioritize them).

A blended lead scoring and grading system can help solve this problem by automatically qualifying and passing leads to sales when they are sales-ready. This is done by assigning leads a score based on their activity levels and a grade based on how well they fit your ideal buyer profile.

You can read more about implementing a lead scoring and grading system in the resources below:

But what if leads aren’t going to be sales-ready for a while? In all likelihood, your marketing team doesn’t have the resources to personally follow up with these leads over the length of the entire sales cycle. In these scenarios, it’s helpful to put a lead nurturing system in place to automatically deliver marketing communications to leads over time. This keeps your company top of mind as leads continue their research process. When they’re ready to speak to a sales rep, your company will be at the top of their list.

Check out some more helpful resources on lead nurturing below:

2. Optimize your content strategy.

An optimized content strategy is all about getting high-quality resources to the right buyers to meet their needs while simultaneously generating leads for your business. If you’re working with a smaller marketing team, it’s important to have a solid understanding of your target buyer so that resources aren’t wasted on content that’s inappropriate for your target market.

Take a look at our case study on developing our own buyer personas, or get started using the worksheet below.


But what if you don’t have the resources to create new content on a regular basis? Trust me, you’re not alone! At Pardot, we’re big proponents of recycling content to get more value out of what you’ve already created. For example, if you’ve recently created an e-book, try breaking down each chapter into a series of blog posts. Similarly, if you have a number of smaller assets, package them up and promote them as something new! Ann Handley provides a great rundown of ways that you can get more out of your content her article, “This Simple Strategy Will Stuff Your Business so Full of Content That It Will Have to Wear Its Fat Pants.”

Lastly, if you’re looking for tips to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, take a look at our complete Content Creation Guide, which includes checklists, tip sheets, and worksheets like the one above to get you started.

3. Drive revenue.

You didn’t think we’d give away all of Adam and Annie’s secrets, did you? For more best practices on driving revenue with limited resources, register for our full webinar on November 19th.