3 Ways Sales Teams Can Sell More with Marketing Automation

Despite its name, marketing automation is definitely not just for marketing teams — it’s a key tool for sales teams, as well. After all, the results of marketing automation can impact everything from the timing of the overall sales process to the content of individual sales calls and emails.

The results of marketing automation are, of course, a collection of qualified leads and detailed information about those leads. In terms of sheer volume, gathering a large pool of qualified leads unlocks the the best sales potential for any sales team. The more qualified leads you’re able to contact, the more valuable new customers you might create.

Here are three ways your sales team can use marketing automation to sell more:

Quash sales competition with nurture emails. ?

Within Sales Cloud, every prospect has a lead or contact record. With the power of Pardot, sales teams can add those prospects to personalized Pardot nurture programs from their lead or contact record without skipping a beat.

Let?s think about how powerful this can be in a very common scenario: Say a salesperson hangs up from a phone call with a prospect who mentioned that they’re evaluating one of your competitors. That salesperson can immediately add the prospect to a competitive nurture program built within Pardot by your marketing team. The nurture program will start sending emails to the prospect that directly target your competition and illustrate why your solutions are superior.

Best of all, once launched, nurture emails are fully automated — designed to look like they’re coming from an individual sales rep, but actually running in the background on autopilot. That way, your sales team can get back to doing what matters most: closing deals.

Seek out engaged users on social media. ?️

Social media is where people share their lives — and the profile of a prospect who engages positively with your brand may hold a treasure trove of insights that could help your sales team convert them to a valued customer.

With Pardot and Salesforce Engage, sales reps can easily identify their most qualified and engaged prospects. This helps with prioritization and lead follow up. But proactive sales reps can take it to the next level by researching those qualified prospects on social media to understand who they are and what they care about.

While your marketing team is using social media to help promote products and create an online community, your sales team can use it to engage with top prospects and unlock personal insights about new leads.

Get the scoop on prospects before sales calls. ?

All prospect activity generated by your marketing team is tracked and pulled from Pardot directly into lead or contact records. This information gives your sales team an inside track on prospect needs, interests, and pain points before they ever engage with that prospect at all — allowing them to strike up relevant conversations the moment they do pick up the phone.

Salesforce Engage will also give your sales team real-time alerts based on prospect activity, allowing them to respond quickly if data shows that the lead is qualified. Since 50% of customers purchase from the vendor that engages first, fast responses are essential to closing sales deals with new leads.

Once qualified leads have been generated, collected, and converted to customers, the next step for your sales team is to continually nurture those leads throughout every buyer journey they take. Fortunately, marketing automation can help out with that, too.

Here are additional resources to help your sales team get more leads.

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