3 Ways to Perk Up Your Pinterest

In the beginning of 2012, Pinterest took the marketing world by storm when studies revealed that it drove more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. As its traffic continued to grow exponentially, Pinterest caught the attention of B2B marketers, and experts harped on the value of driving traffic with visual content.

So, you dutifully went about setting up an account for your business, pinned some interesting infographics, acquired a few followers and, frankly, ran out of ideas. Let’s face it, in the less-than-flashy world of B2B there just aren’t that many ways to visually portray your product. But don’t give up on this social media giant quite yet — although Pinterest hasn’t exactly caught fire in the B2B sphere, it still has many unique attributes that can make it a valuable asset to your social marketing. As Scott Gillum of gyro notes, “In many ways, Pinterest’s platform has the potential to offer far more value than Facebook and Twitter because of its ability to aggregate and naturally curate content.”

Here are a few fresh ideas to kickstart your pinning and get your efforts back on track:

Go Beyond Infographics
Infographics are the most obvious choice for visual content in the B2B space, but why not find visual ways to advertise your less visual content? For example, pull a quoteworthy moment from a blog post or white paper and turn it into a graphic (for design inspiration, check out our “inspired marketing” poster series). Not only do these visual accents make your blog more personalized (far more than a stock photo or lifestyle shot), they can also be pinned with a short teaser and a link to your content.

Show Off Your Swag
Each year, you spend a chunk of your marketing budget on swag to distribute at recruiting events and tradeshows, spread brand awareness, and reward your most loyal customers. In your next newsletter or mailing, ask for pictures of your customers sporting their favorite swag, or hold a contest for the most clever shot of your swag in use. These pins may not get a lot of shares, but creating a board of these images is a great way to feature your most loyal customers and garner interest in your swag.

Highlight Your Perks
Ask employees to snap some pictures of their favorite aspects of your company culture (chances are, with the widespread popularity of Instagram, they already have). Creating a board with a few snapshots of your perks — a delicious catered lunch, a company happy hour or your view of the city skyline — is a great way to showcase your office atmosphere.

The bottom line: get creative. Your Pinterest boards may not have the same aesthetic appeal as consumer-focused retail giants like Target and Pottery Barn, but in today’s content-saturated world we’re trained to search visually, so the more visually attractive your content and brand, the better.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest for B2B marketers? We’d love to get your input!