3 Ways to Create Drip Program Content in Under an Hour

Today’s advanced reporting and marketing automation tools can provide marketers with in-depth insight into prospect behavior at every stage of the buying cycles, helping you to make educated decisions on what to send and when. But if the endless multitude of information is giving you analysis paralysis, all of this insight could go to waste.

If you spend so much time analyzing results and identifying the perfect content that you don’t actually send anything out… well, you’re not helping yourself win the deal. Luckily, creating a successful drip campaign doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Here are three ways to create content for your drip campaign in under an hour.

Get inspired by your sales team. Chances are, your sales team is already sending out emails. Many drip campaigns will be sent from an assigned sales rep and are meant to sound natural, so what better way to accomplish this than borrowing content from sales? Tweaking an existing email to meet your needs is a lot less intimidating than staring at a blank page.

Repurpose content. In today’s content marketing craze, there’s a constant pressure to create, create and create some more — but don’t forget that sometimes the exact content you need has already been created. You can send prospects news articles and blog posts (your own or otherwise) that have already been written, as long as they are well suited to your drip program goals. You can also use small snippets of longer content (like white papers) to create the base for your email campaigns.

Link to dynamic content. Create a few extremely simple templates that link to dynamic content like your blog, new features page or a list of recent press releases. Since the information on these sites is constantly updated, you don’t need to worry about keeping your content up to date – because you already are!

Bottom line: even though you’re pressed for time, there are still lots of ways to provide your prospects with valuable content. A very basic drip program is better than no drip program at all — even if it’s only three emails. So don’t let the pressure of creating the ultimate drip nurturing campaign prevent you from getting content out there, and keep in mind that you’ll learn as you go along. Maintain communication with your sales team to figure out what’s working (for both content and timing), and perfect your drip program gradually.

Looking for more tips on drip nurturing? Check out our white paper, Automate Lead Scoring and Nurturing (registration required).

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