3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes B2B Marketing More Efficient

In most businesses, time equals money. This adage is especially true when it comes to marketing a B2B brand. Time wasted on administrative tasks or manual intervention is time that could instead be spent connecting with customers and creating value for your prospects.

As a B2B marketing professional, you already understand how important customer relationships are, and how much time and effort goes into crafting a mutually beneficial relationship between your brand and a potential customer. But how do you go about building and nurturing these customer relationships efficiently and effectively?

With the power of artificial intelligence integrated with your marketing automation platform, you can make smart decisions about your marketing more quickly than ever and connect with customers at scale, all while cutting down on wasted time and missed opportunities.

Read on to learn how AI can make your B2B marketing more efficient so you can build and nurture customer relationships faster than ever before.

Identify and Prioritize VIPs

High-value leads present great opportunities for your business. But it often takes several interactions to match a lead with high-value qualifiers and identify them as a VIP (very important prospect).

AI can analyze your customers and their behaviors to find the leads that are most likely to convert or present the most opportunity for business growth. AI software tracks key buying signals such as interaction with emails and other online content.

When leads start to show their interest in ways that align with previous customers’ purchasing behaviors, AI will alert you of the hot new lead. That way, you can cut to the chase and give these VIPs the special treatment they deserve without wasting time on introductory emails or putting out feelers to determine their interest.

When both companies and customers are on the same page about customers’ needs and potential, business happens faster. And when you’re able to convert hot leads faster, you’ll find you’ll have more time to tend to other high-value leads and grow your pipeline.

Optimize What, Where, and How

Depending on where prospects are in the buying process, they’re probably searching for different information. If they’re looking for an answer to a question about how to accomplish a task or goal, they’re probably not ready to learn about all of the bells and whistles your product provides. However, if they’re deep in the research phase of a product purchase, they are probably ready to speak to a sales rep and read a customer testimonial.

It’s important to optimize your content to match your audience’s needs. That’s where AI comes in.

You can use AI insights to determine the next-best piece of content for each member or segment of your audience based on behavior, stage of the buying cycle, and demographic data. By sending your audience the content they really want, you’ll present more value to your prospects than ever before.

Find What Works

It’s easy to get in the habit of finishing a campaign and moving right along to the next one. When your bottom line is at stake, it’s hard to justify taking time to do a post-mortem of every marketing project you do.

But with AI, you don’t have to spend your own time sifting through reports and analytics to see how your campaigns performed. When connected with your marketing automation software, AI can give you an accurate and digestible report card on different marketing tactics or campaigns.

You can even check up on the health of your marketing in real time, so you can optimize campaigns as they’re happening. If one piece is performing highly and another is falling behind, you can easily make adjustments to ensure your best-performing content is getting the frequency it deserves.

Artificial intelligence may sound like the technology of the future, but marketers everywhere are already using it to streamline their work and optimize campaigns today. Learn more about Pardot Einstein.

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