3 Ways AI Can Transform Your B2B Marketing

Thanks to the power of data, we know more about customers than ever before — and customers know it, too. Their expectations are higher than ever, and they expect brands to use data to deliver great personalized experiences. Customers want all brand communications to be tailored to their specific interests, needs, and preferences.

With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), you can meet customers’ great expectations. AI can help you deliver personalized communications at scale through advanced customer segmentation. It’s a must-have in helping you actually use your data and give your customers what they really want — relevant, personalized communication in real time.

Read on to learn how AI can help you optimize your marketing through segmentation.


Customer segmentation is no longer limited to generic groupings based on superficial traits like geographic location. With the wealth of customer data available, segmentation needs to be more advanced than ever to keep up. AI can help you hold up a magnifying glass to your customers and segment them based on hyper-specific traits including industry, role, engagement level, and budget. It can even analyze deeper information like behavioral patterns.

That way, you can efficiently communicate with similar groups of customers that truly share goals and preferences — not just zip codes. When you get to the heart of what makes your customers unique, you can deliver them the communications they truly want and need.


Ever wish you could see the future? Well, with AI, you can get pretty close.

AI can serve as a crystal ball of sorts, analyzing past behaviors and patterns to predict a prospect’s future behavior. You can know what a lead’s most likely next step is, so you can act accordingly. If AI identifies that, based on past behaviors, a customer is about to drop off and stop engaging, maybe it’s time to reach out individually to them to keep them on a successful customer journey. Or, maybe they’re close to making a purchase, and you can deliver just the right communication to nudge them toward conversion.

Artificial intelligence can analyze a wealth of customer data and draw increasingly advanced insights about your customers and their journeys. With enough input, AI will put you on the path to creating great customer experiences — all at scale and in real time.


When sending marketing communications, timing is as important as the content itself. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content delivery. Maybe you like receiving messages during your morning coffee, but your colleague prefers digesting content in the late afternoon.

AI can help you deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time. It’ll analyze when individual customers are most likely to open your messages and be receptive to what you’re saying, identified by metrics like read time and click through rates. Even customers who are seemingly identical may have different preferred send times, and you can serve them accordingly through multi-dimensional segments depending on which element of your campaign is being optimized — all powered by AI.

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