3 Vital Email Guidelines

Jame Ervin posted 3 great tips for email success on her blog yesterday. While these may seem like pretty obvious guidelines, it’s surprising how many marketers out there aren’t following them. Jame’s tips are:

Make sure you have permission to email your subscriber. This one pretty much speaks for itself.
Match your email frequency to what you promise in your subscription form. If you say weekly, don’t exceed 6 messages in a month. You don’t want to overload your prospects (or customers) with too much messaging, especially when you promise a particular frequency when they opt-in.
Test all of your links. Jame received an email newsletter with multiple broken links (http://www.href=.com/). The ads and links to white papers worked fine, but all of the content was broken. This definitely could have been avoided by sending internal test emails and clicking on all of the links before sending out the blast.
Jame also mentioned she received emails from one particular company for their whole line of products. Using lists to segment prospects and then targeting the email content to the relevant lists (rather than sending blasts on all products to all prospects) would help eliminate this issue and hopefully reduce the number of unsubscribes.