3 Uses of AI for B2B Marketing You Might Not Have Thought About

Artificial intelligence is your friend, especially as a B2B marketer. In 2018, 30% of B2B marketers used AI — a 25% increase from only 24% of B2B marketers in 2017.

Blaze new trails and let technology do the work for you by using AI in these three creative ways.

1. Hyper-customized content delivery

Customization doesn’t stop at content generation. It’s also important to tailor the delivery of your messages to fit the preferences of each individual customer.

AI can analyze historical data from your leads to learn about their digital engagement habits and pinpoint the exact moments when they’re most likely to open emails, click through to your website, or otherwise engage with your content. Meeting your customers on their own terms further personalizes their experience with your brand.

2. Automated customer interactions

Many websites feature a live chat functionality. In the past, this would have required a dedicated 24/7 representative. But now, AI can man the desk for you, filtering out simple questions before handing off more complicated queries to a human.

Gone are the days of generic auto-replies from basic bots. AI can now learn about your business customers and initiate genuine conversations. Natural language processing combined with customer data will give you a leg up on resolving service issues and questions.

3. Prioritized Customer Engagement 

Use AI to rank your leads based on how likely they are to engage with your content. By knowing which customers are most likely to interact with your brand, you can focus on customers that mean the most to your business.

This strategy will draw even more ROI from an account-based marketing approach. Individual focus — coupled with targeted prioritization — will allow your sales team to nurture relationships with the highest potential for conversion.

Artificial intelligence is an easy way to take your B2B marketing to the next level. AI equips your marketing and sales teams with relevant and useful customer data, while automating menial tasks so you can focus on the big stuff. Learn more about the newest AI features that are powering Pardot in our blog, Spring into Pardot’s Newest Feature Set.