3 Unconventional Uses of Drip Campaigns

For companies utilizing marketing automation solutions, drip marketing is one of the most invaluable tools in their arsenal. Drip campaigns are a powerful solution for freeing up your sales team to focus on the best opportunities without neglecting their leads and prospects. It allows your sales and marketing teams to be everywhere at once, dramatically increasing your effectiveness.

However, drip marketing tools have become so robust that they can be repurposed for other tasks and departments outside lead generation. Think of all the points in your customer relationships where you are reaching out to your customers via email. Is there a way to automate it with drip marketing? Odds are, there is! Here are just a few ways we’ve found to utilize drip campaigns to maximize efficiency and effectiveness:

Training Programs & Resources
There is a good chance that your implementation and training programs are fairly hands-on and comprehensive. You can never replace the effectiveness of your well-trained implementation and training experts, but there are a few ways you can make their lives easier.

The first thing your clients want to do after buying your product is to see it in action and start learning the ins and outs of their purchase. Sending them an automated email with some helpful links can help them get started. Based on the links they follow, you can provide additional links to relevant webinars, articles and resources. The customer’s activity will also give your implementation team a better idea of where to focus their training.

Contract Renewals
If you have a larger customer base, keeping track of renewal dates and reaching out to customers with reminders to renew can be a large part of your services department’s job. Setting up a drip campaign based on a client’s start date or end date is a great way of automating the renewal process for your clients — for example, you can schedule a reminder to be sent one month before a client’s contract expires. Based on their action you can send them an additional follow up or have your services department follow up with them directly.

Features Updates
Hopefully, you push out product updates a couple of times a year. Keeping your customers up to date with these changes can be a hassle, and any additional training that may be needed can be time- consuming. Drip campaigns can help streamline the process of notifying clients and providing detailed updates and training. If a customer shows interest in a particular update, you can automatically send them additional information, an invitation to a training webinar or have them referred to your services department for a follow-up call.

There are many additional ways for you to utilize your drip campaigns outside of lead nurturing; these ideas just scratch the surface. How are you utilizing drip campaigns? Have you found other applications for your drip marketing tools? Let us know!

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