3 Tips from the Pardot Health Review

Whether it’s cars, homes, computers, or eyebrows, eventually everything needs a maintenance check, and Pardot is no exception. Perhaps you’re new to an organization with an existing Pardot account or maybe you’ve been working in the same Pardot account for years and feel it would be a good time for a Spring cleaning. No matter what your reasons, the Pardot Health Review Accelerator (previously named the Pardot Health Assessment) is here to guide you through an audit of your account and maximize your Pardot usage!

Since launching in May of 2017, our Pardot Health Review Accelerator (previously called our Pardot Health Assessment) has helped clients like Swimlane review and audit their Pardot accounts. This February 5th, Swimlane will be sharing their 5 Quick Tips from the Pardot Health Review Accelerator, but if you’re eager to learn more, here are three tips to get you started:

1. Optimize Your Salesforce/Pardot Integration

The integration between Pardot and Salesforce is vital to doing business. When this connector is not set-up correctly, it makes your life harder and, in many cases, can become a costly oversight. We suggest conducting a thorough assessment of your existing Salesforce integration and answering questions such as:

  • Is it set-up correctly from a technical standpoint?
  • Are there issues with your sync queue properly passing information back and forth?
  • If so, is your field mapping optimized for your sales and reporting needs?

For you this may mean adding and mapping custom fields from Pardot to Salesforce Lead/Contact records. Or perhaps re-evaluating the optional Salesforce Connector settings to make sure you get the most out of your integration.

Quick Tip: If you don’t see the name of the Salesforce field next to the custom field, that means it’s not mapped to anything and that field data isn’t flowing into Salesforce. It’s an easy fix – edit the field and pick the Salesforce field you want to map it to in the drop down.

2. Foster Better Sales Alignment

Marketing Automation isn’t all about the marketing team. In fact, it’s just as much about the sales team and making sure they can leverage the lead intelligence that Pardot gathers to their benefit. We recommend auditing anything in Salesforce that might affect the visibility your reps need to close more deals (ex. Permission Sets or Salesforce Page Layouts).

Quick Tip: You can start by auditing your page layouts in Salesforce. Be sure to include Pardot Activities, Pardot List Membership, and Pardot Social Data, but feel free to also add as many Pardot Custom Fields as applicable. Optionally you can even include the Google Analytics fields, if source information is requested.

3. Improve Your Email Reputation and Deliverability

With email marketing laws and regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR it’s become increasingly important to work on your email compliance strategy and making sure that you’re doing everything you can to reach those inboxes that matter most. Reviewing your Email Authentication is important to ensure your deliverability is optimal. If email reputation is top of mind for you, don’t forget to optimize templates for Unsubscribe and Email Preference pages. Small changes like branding these pages can make all the difference!

Quick Tip: Set up multiple Email Preference Pages to tailor options to your audience. For example, you may want to have different lists presented to your current customers than prospects. Sending a customer-only email? Swap out the email preference page on the email so they can opt in to lists that interest them.

Ready for a full check up?

Be sure to download our Pardot Tune Up Kit – this is a great first step to get yourself organized and ready to tackle the Pardot maintenance you know is overdue. And if you are looking to take it a step further and bridge the gap between self-guided assistance and a full-service engagement with 1:1 advice, then the Pardot Health Review Accelerator is here to help!

If you have Pardot Premier you can request your Health Review Accelerator today! Looking to learn more about Pardot Premier? Register for our next Premier Success Plans for Pardot: Intro & Overview webinar.

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