3 (or 4) Things You Can Do To Improve Customer Engagement This Summer

Summer is the season of self-improvement. What with beach trips, holidays in the sunshine, and festivals springing up and drawing crowds, what better time to be your best self? For B2B Marketers, ‘tis the season to focus on customer engagement. Buyers are better educated than ever, and their changing needs reflect that: each interaction must be timely, personalized and relevant — and you have to do it at scale. If that sounds daunting, we’ve got 3 tips and one awesome event that can make things a little easier.

1. Make Yourself Accessible

People love stories they can relate to. Increasingly, buyers want to engage with something that connects to them on a personal level. Does your company have a great founding story? Or are you active in your community? Maybe you just have a great team like we do here at Pardot. Highlighting the people behind your brand – whether through an article, blog post, or a ‘Who We Are’ video, is a good starting point for introducing your business to prospects. Outlining your values and how the work you do aligns with them will build a sense of trust and transparency, and showcase to prospects how well you’ll fit into their lives too. Octopus is a great example with the awesome founding story on their about us page. It’s honest, full of humour, and clearly outlines the brand and their business goals, challenges and successes, without ever losing that very human touch.

2. Give Good Advice

Every business needs to do business, but perhaps you remember that saying your granny (or mine at least) used to like: Good advice is free. When it comes to your business, showing prospects that you know what you’re about can be as simple as offering some good, free content that they can put to use right away – no strings attached. While it’s easier a lot of the time to simply say ‘ours is the product you need’, taking time to address individual pain points or common issues can encourage prospects to see you as an important resource, not just a vendor. Encyclopedia Britannica excels at this with the wealth of informative articles and videos. It helps that they’re literally selling information, but it’s not the focus when you’re simply exploring the site.

3. Balance Tone and Content

Not every brand wants a laid back tone and style, and luckily, not every brand needs one. If you’re in a formal industry – like the medical field, it can seem difficult to engage customers where tone is concerned, without sacrificing the formality they expect. You can work around this by applying all the excitement, wry humor, and attention grabbing statements to the look and feel of your content. Novartis is a favorite example of mine. As a global healthcare company, you might think they’d have trouble showing off their creativity, but their content is both fascinating and highly shareable – without sacrificing the precise, formal tone expected in their industry. It does double duty in educating buyers while still highlighting the very human side of what they do.

4. B2B Engagement Fest

Now for that event I mentioned. Festivals aren’t just for music and tacos these days – and we’ve got one for B2B Marketers too. Join us for B2B Engagement Fest, an online summit where B2B Marketing rockstars Mitch Joel, Mathew Sweezey, and Pardot’s own Kyle Coleman will be sharing their techniques for driving authentic, personalized engagement at scale, looking at how the changing landscape of technology is working it’s magic on buyers’ habits and algorithms, and how Engagement Studio can help you revolutionize your engagement strategy and create complex, meaningful customer experiences. It’s a full day of webinars (so you won’t need to pack a poncho) where you can dig into the best practices, methods and metrics of B2B Customer Engagement.

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel
Best-Selling Author and Digital Marketing Expert

Algorhythm – The Pulse of Creativity, Data, and the Future of Brands
Live Webinar: 11:00am – 12:00 PM EDT

Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey
Principal of Marketing Insights, Salesforce Pardot

How to Rock B2B Engagement in the Age of the Customer
Live Webinar: 12:30 – 1:10 PM EDT

Kyle Coleman

Kyle Coleman
Sr. Product Manager, Salesforce Pardot

Develop Chart-Topping Customer Experience with Engagement Studio
Live Webinar: 2:00 – 2:40 PM EDT